Piraeus Bank searches courageous Romanians with a manifesto-campaign, Courage Harvesters


Piraeus Bank Romania and Courage Romania community are searching for courageous Romanians with a manifesto-campaign, Courage Harvesters.

The campaign asks Romanians to join the initiative and tell the story of courageous people they know in a dedicated app. The app will gather together in one place the beautiful initiatives that deserve to be known; the stories of the courageous Romanians will be included in “The Book of Courage”.

Culegatorii de Curaj

The campaign will bring into the spotlight projects and courageous initiatives from different areas (social, education, health, entrepreneurship, sports and culture), as proposed by app’s users and any Romanian wanting to support courage in the country.

Rogalski Damaschin PR conceived the campaign, which was launched on Courage Romania’s Facebook page with the dedicated app.

We started this campaign as a normal evolution of Courage Romania platform, which grew and developed beautifully during the last 4 years. The courage is a part of each of us and the proof are all the projects, businesses and associations initiated all over Romania, during the last few years, by ordinary people, that don’t always get to be national heroes (…) Courage doesn’t mean only medals and conquered tops of mountains, but also the revolution of the teacher using his own technologies to teach his students, it means the road of many kilometers a doctor has to take until the medical center in a remote village, it means the ambition of a student to participate to international competitions. The courage is the story of any man that makes daring decisions and fights for his dreams (…)

Alfred Borcan,

Marketing Manager Piraeus Bank Romania.

(…) Inspired by the real values supported by Piraeus Bank, we are launching today a campaign that aims to discover, with the help of Courage Harvesters, those stories of our times that fully deserve and must be known and applauded by us

Alina Damaschin,

Creative Leader Rogalski Damaschin PR.

The app can be accesed on Curaj România Facebook page and will be online from July to September 2015.