Ex-Google, Kaspar Szymanski to speak at SEMdays

Digital & Media, Marketing

Kaspar Szymanski is one of the speakers who will share their experience with the audience present at Bucharest’s SEMdays.

Szymanski was part of Google’s anti-SPAM team (Google Search Quality Team) and this position brought him the “Europe’s Matt Cutts” surname. He also worked for Webmaster Outreach in Europe, Middle East and Africa and was evangelizer for Google. Since 2013, he switched the sides of the barricade and became SEO consultant and founded, together with another former Google employee, the Search Brothers agency.

During his presence at SEMdays, Kaspar Szymanski will provide SEO knowledge and will share valuable know-how. During his presentation, Kaspar will speak about “that” key factor that can increase one’s visibility in Google.


Kaspar on the way Google recognizes paid links:

Recognizing the links that aren’t earned isn’t hard at all. After all, you know someone that creates only a few links? In my experience as SEO consultant, do-follow links are usually built on a large scale and this very aspect is a clue. The more interesting question is how exactly can link models be detected by search engines or competitors. But let’s leave some questions for the discussion with the public at SEMdays

The link between the engagement of articles in social media and their position in Google

From what I can say, social signals aren’t a direct ranking factor. The reasons are multiple, but the most important is that the data from social signals are too fragmented. If social signals have an impact over website’s visibility, that is a completely other question. And the answer is: Yes, they can!

SEMdays, the biggest SEO and PPC conference in Eastern Europe, reached its 4th edition and will take place in Bucharest on September 24-25, bringing together 19 top international speakers. Scheduled to take place at Grand Cinema Digiplex in Baneasa Shopping City Bucharest, SEMdays is organized by SEOmonitor and 2parale.