“Dekeyboardization” campaign, launched by Pizza Hut in Romania


Pizza Hut launches in Romania a campaign encouraging Romanians to rediscover the joy of eating our. Starting rom a real and very present problem, eating at the computer, over the keyboard, the campaign aims to remove the keyboards from Romanians’ meals and to convince them to give up this unhealthy habit, choosing instead to eat out, together with colleagues or friends.

Practical and convenient, eating lunch at the desk, over the keyboard, is already a routine for Romanians, which always lack time and are focused on solving their work tasks, therefor don’t afford to waste any second.

Pizza Hut_Redescopera bucuria meselor in oras

We are busier and busier and eating over the keyboard seems a solution to earn time. This is the reality we started from and that we aim to change with the new Pizza Hut campaign. We bet on the hospitable atmosphere and high quality services in our restaurants, but also on a relevant message, sent out with humor, which we support with 3 new offers. This is how we hope eating out will become a priority for more and more Romanians

Monica Eftimie,

Chief Marketing Officer Pizza Hut

oferte pizza hut

Besides campaign’s video, info on the new Pizza Hut mission is available in a special section of company’s website.

The new offers launched by Pizza Hut as part of the campaign are available until November 5th, for the entire week and are available both in restaurants and for take-away.