Romanian market: most active advertisers in August, according to mediaTRUST


Unilever, Procter &Gamble and Biofarm are the advertisers who had the highest visibility in Romanian media in August, according to an analysis made by the monitoring company mediaTRUST.

In the top of the most active advertisers, compiled based on the number of ads broadcasted in media, Unilever has the top position (19,751 ads worth Euro 28.8M at rate card), followed by Procter & Gamble (19,041 ads with an estimated rate card of Euro 36.9M) and Biofarm (13,442 ads with a RC value of Euro 13.4M).

Considering the distribution of the ads on different channels, the number of ads in printed press dropped and the focus was on TV and radio ads. In August, TV stations broadcasted 297,149 commercials, Radios had 39,924 and printed press – 5,945.


On the other hand, Telekom (5,979 ads with an RC of Euro 17.7M), Delikat (5,900 and RC of Euro 11.4M) and Orange (5,568 and RC of Euro 10.7M) are on the first positions in the top of the most visible brands in advertising. Next places are occupied by Nivea (5,531 ads), Lidl (5,221 ), Nurofen (5,045 ), Vodafone (4,744 ) and others.

Brands’ visibility is stronger on TV, than on Radio and in printed press.

Considering the number of commercials distributed via media channels in August, Food sector had the strongest presence (83,239 commercials), followed by Pharma (65,293) and Commerce (46,398).

The top advertisers in Food sector were European Drinks, Heinken and Ursus, the most intense promo campaigns from Pharma came from Biofarm, Reckitt Benckiser and Sandoz, while the best promoted from Commerce sector were Lidl, Dante International (eMag) and Praktiker.

In terms of ads broadcasted, Cosmetics sector was topped by Procter&Gamble, Unilever and Beiersdorf.

mediaTRUST’s analysis took in consideration the monitoring of over 343,000 commercials broadcasted between 1-31 August by 20 TV stations, 12 radios and 200 central publications.

mediaTRUST Romania is part of Polish Institute of Media Monitoring (IMM) and offers to its clients access to the info published on daily basis in mass-media (print, online, radio and TV) from 15 CEE countries