GDF SUEZ becomes ENGIE also in Romania

Branding, Business

GDF SUEZ Energy Romania announced the rebranding of its commercial brand in ENGIE also on the Romanian market. The new brand is adopted as a normal step of the international rebranding process that sees GDF SUEZ turning into ENGIE and takes place under the motto “The world is changing and, along with it, so is our energy”. The rebranding was announced by the company in April 2015.

The brand change takes place in a context when energy sector undergoes profound changes and energetic transition becomes an international priority and involves consumption reduction, implementing measures for energetic efficiency, information’s digitalization and development of non-pollutant energy.

Along with adopting the new brand, ENGIE aims to be a promoter and a leader of this energetic transition era.

The new brand sends a human and positive vision over energy, both with its graphic representation of the logo and the color used. The name was chosen for its sonority and is a short for “Energy”, while the slogan”By people for people” will be kept.


In Romania, the rebranding process has 2 stages: first GDF SUEZ will adopt the ENGIE brand for the products and services it sells, and will also change company’s social name, but at a date to be announced later. In the second stafe, the rebranding will be declined for each of the branches owned by GDF SUEZ Energy Romania, namely Distrigaz Sud Retele, Distrigaz Confort, Braila Winds and Alizeu Eolian.

The communication campaign related to the rebranding takes place between September 21st – December 31st, on TV, outdoor, internet, radio and print