Counseling by phone and online for children with parents abroad, launched in Romania


Save The Children Romania launched, during an event organized with support from Romanian Presidential Administration, a Help-Line and an online platform ( aimed to offer info and free counseling to children who have the parents working abroad, to the people they were entrusted for care to and to the specialists working in child protection and education sector.President Klaus Iohannis, Gabriela Alexandrescu,Gabriela Coman, Ligia Deca

In the same time, the NGO launched an informational campaign aimed to the parents and which details the obligations they have when they leave the country, in terms of designating a legal representative for their child and also when it comes to the risks the child faces when parents leave to work abroad.

The campaign will include radio and TV ads, informational caravans in Bucharest and 13 Romanian counties (rural and urban areas) and information campaigns via child protection authorities in 28 other Romanian counties, all combined with a series of local events

Romania's President, His Excellency Mr. Klaus Werner Iohannis

According to official data, over 80,000 Romanian children have one or both parents working abroad, although the real number is much higher, with estimates indicating between 170.000 – 350.000 children in this situation.

Besides emotional and social risks children are facing, lacking their parents or a legal representative can limit their access to healthcare, education or social benefits.

Gabriela Alexandrescu - Executive President Save The Children Romania

Both the low level of information for the parents and people that take care of the children and their incapacity to answer properly to specific needs affects in a negative manner the children from early ages. Moreover, when lacking a legal representative, they cannot fully benefit of their rights. That is why Save the Children is launching a public informational campaign and opens a counseling service for parents, legal guardians and children. It is important that we have authorities’ support in this endeavour

Gabriela Alexandrescu,

Executive President Save The Children Romania






The project benefits of support from RCS&RDS and Metropolitan Life.

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