Pizza box turned into a board game in Romania, by Rusu+Borțun and Jerry’s Pizza

Branding, Business

Romanian brand agency Rusu+Borțun Brand Growers signed the packaging for the new children menu from Jerry’s Pizza. Made as a board game drawn directly on the pizzza box’s lid, it offers to the children, besides food, also the opportunity to have fun in a colored and educative world.

The project started from the need to find some packaging that would have some other use than just the classical one and this is how appeared The Country of Eat-All, a game divided in 4 chapters (4 distinct boxes) that makes the players pass a series of fun tests. The game has also an educational purpose, with kids learning of the benefits of healthy food, manners or traffic rules.

The new menu has attached also a promotional component, one free menu for kids to those who collect all the 4 boxes and presents all the 4 yellow cards to the pizza store.

The agency started working with Jerry’s Pizza in the start of 2015, with the agency delivering advertising and social media services.


  • Rusu+Borțun Brand Growers: Catalin Rusu (Creative Director & Managing Partner), Luigi Ihnatiuc (Junior Art Director & Illustrator), Ioan Maxim (Copywriter), Andreea Timpea (Art Director), Maria Sarivan (Brand Growing Planner).
  • Jerry’s Pizza: Gabriela Dauteuil (Marketing Director), Cristina Sibiceanu (Marketing Coordinator).

Rusu+Borţun Brand Growers started its activity on Romanian market in 2008 and offers to its clients branding, advertising and digital (via Rusu+Borţun Cyber Growers) services to support the entrepreneurial spirit