“We see you as you are” – Romanian Bancpost’s new image campaign

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Bancpost Romania launched a new image campaign “We see you as you are” emphasizing the personalized customer service approach of the bank. The campaign capitalizes thus a deep understanding of customers’ expectations and their individual needs, beyond the statistical figures comprised by the classical studies and market researches.

The new image campaign strengthens Bancpost’s orientation towards customers and especially towards understanding their real and actual needs.

Aura Toma,  Bancpost’s Marketing and Communication Executive Director
Aura Toma, Marketing and Communication Executive Director Bancpost

People want a bank to support them, to help them accomplish their plans. Over 70% of the banked customers desire a personalized relationship with the bank. Meaning, customers expect to be listened, understood and treated individually, with their particularities, desires and specific plans. Behind every Personal Numeric Code is in fact the person, our customer. Knowing him, beyond the standard information required for initiating a relationship with the bank, provides the competitive advantage of meeting customer’s real needs, with specific products and services

Aura Toma,

Bancpost’s Marketing and Communication Executive Director.

The new slogan – Bancpost. Banca ta. Si a ta. Si a ta. –  integrates the orientation towards each customer and reflects a personalized interaction with each of them. Actually, the new campaign is anchored in what Bancpost has committed itself to deliver in the relationship with its customers, for over 24 years: building a strong partnership with the customer, all the bank’s actions being focused in this direction.

Our creative communication platform is inspired by the everyday reality. Each of us has a personality that transcends the stereotypes and the predefined typologies. The quality of a partner is to see beyond a category, to actually see the person in his individuality, in practice, not in theory. The dialogue we have with our customers sustains the central message of the campaign: at Bancpost, we see you as you really are

Aura Toma.

The new image campaign is communicated through the main TV stations, outdoor media, magazines and central newspapers, as well as in online.

Bancpost is a major universal bank in Romania, present for over 24 years on the local market and having a network of 150 units, 7 corporate business centers and 5 regional retail centers. The bank manages a portfolio of over 1 million corporate, retail and institutional clients, providing them with a wide range of effective and flexible financial and banking solutions. Bancpost grants funds to companies both from its own sources and through the credit lines provided in partnership with various international financial institutions. Bancpost is also one of the leaders of the local card market and has developed extensive networks of over 550 ATMs, 8,500 POSs and 200 APSs -uri providing convenient and permanent access to the Bank’s services. Bancpost is the exclusive partner in Romania of American Express both on issuance and acceptance of credit cards, while at the same time is a Visa and MasterCard representative. Given its commitment to support Romanian performance and values, Bancpost became the Official Sponsor of the FRF (Romanian Football Federation) Team and of the National Football Team starting 2015.