Andreea Daniel is bringing Good Vibes to the Romanian advertising world

Business, Creativity

A communicative person with highly developed sense of observation, resistant when working under pressure, with team spirit and sense of responsibility, Andreea Daniel started working in advertising in 2006 as Client Service Representative at Intertel Communications. In August 2009, she became Account Manager at Syscom Digital. Two years later, she continued her career at iLeo, MobileWorks / SeniorHyper, the latter as Account Director. Starting July 2015, she launched her own advertising agency, Good Vibes, and she let herself questioned by us for the first time in her new position

AdH: What were the most important moments in your career and why?

Andreea Daniel: I believe for certain that the most important moment was the one I stepped in the advertising world. Since then, every moment I spent in this industry was equally important. Taking in account the fact that I was trained as a client service specialist, every happening, every failure or success meant another situation that, once understood, was breathed in and automatically entered in my CV at the „capabilities” section.

A good client service is someone who knows at least a little bit from everything, enough in order to set a direction and be able to pass even through the toughest waters and unclench the most difficult situations and briefs.

I consider extremely important the first years I have spent in small agencies, where I didn’t have project managers, IT managers or other intermediaries between the Client Service department and the development teams, therefore I had the chance to spend many nights, on the chair, at the right of the programmer. Those were experiences from which I have learnt a lot. I learnt how a programmer thinks and what he needs and I gained the ability to know from the start what a certain project required. And, for a client service, that knowledge is power.


AdH: Have you chosen the advertising or the advertising chose you?

A.D.: Advertising chose me first and then I chose it. At the first interview I went I had the feeling I was going to do something for MTV. In the end it turned out to be just as cool 😀 I didn’t know too much about advertising back then, but soon I discovered we were a perfect match and therefore we remained together even today.

AdH: How did you decide to go on your own and how difficult was to make that decision?

A.D.: I took the decision this summer, after a series of events that demanded a change anyway, so I chose to make the biggest change of all. I was “playing” with this idea for a while now, I believe that everyone does it a certain time in their career, but it wasn’t until this summer that I felt it was the right time to do it. When I began to seriously take this option into account, everything just started to work as it should and in less than a month I started my own journey.

It was difficult especially at the mindset level, but I was able to count and be supported by my team (CS colleagues and programmers) and id didn’t take long to get on the right path. I believe that every step anyone takes from idea to practice is a little hard, so I don’t think that my case was very different from what happened to other people starting their own business. However, once everything was on the paper and we started working, everything came together and the work flow was just as in the agency, the only things that changed were the signature and the address at the end of my e-mails.

AdH: Why your own agency and not going as a freelancer?

A.D.: It’s quite simple actually. Because no matter how good you are you need a good team with you in order to do things as they should and be able to handle big clients and big campaigns. Although I left the agency (e.d. Lowe Mullen Grup) I am still in love with the agency’s vibe and I want to keep it.

I deeply believe that the relationship with a client is created in a longer period of time than the one spent implementing a single project and the results start to show after that relationship is created. And that applies especially in our case, where the services we offer are directly related to the customer. We need a clear and deep understanding of the customer and that is created in time by gaining deeper knowledge about each client individually and its needs, as well.

As a freelancer, I would have been working mostly project based, but I prefer building strong relationships. An agency offers that option and I see myself more into that picture. Also, an agency offers a more serious status and bigger credibility in front of the client, because he knows we are a team and we are able to help him and be there for him each time he needs us to, in an organized formula.

AdH: What does Good Vibes represent to you and why did you choose this name?

A.D.: The idea came having in mind our core activities that translate into consumer oriented solutions for brands, and our desire to make people happy. Whether we talk about an activation with a hostess and a tablet at the Mall, or whether we talk about sustaining an infoline for a promotional Campaign, at the end of the day, our purpose is to make people happy by spreading good vibes through smart communication solutions.

AdH: How is agency positioned on the market? Who are you targeting?

A.D.:We are targeting both clients and agencies. I could never compete at a creative level with a big agency such as Leo Burnett or McCann, but we have in our portofolio the experience of tons of executions that prove that we are able to complement perfectly the communicational efforts of both of the sides.

Because most of the times a good idea dies due to a lack of good implementation, we are that small agency that roles perfectly, regardless of the context and the conditions it faces. We are the ones that are involved in a project body, mind and soul, the ones that do everything so that at the end of the day, things turn out good. And, most important of all, we are the ones that have the advantage of seeing and living almost all the situations prior to now, so we have our experience to back up our strength and passion for work. And, as a plus, we love to innovate.

AdH: What are the services Good Vibes offers?

A.D.: We offer any kind of service that refers to the direct consumer. Our activity objective splits in two categories: Implementing and logistics for promotional campaigns ( from creating the mechanism to the final implementation, the rules, the lucky draws mechanics, the winners’ validation, etc), all that meticulous work that everybody is trying to avoid, but also the part that we know as the back of our hand and also love very much. Consumer activations (phone and tablet apps, special projects using technologies such as kinekt, augmented reality, etc) We are very proud to be working with some of the most experienced and valued programmers on the Romanian market.

AdH: Who are your first clients?

A.D.: The first projects we had in the new formula were two promotional campaigns: Beck’s, with one of the biggest promotional campaigns of this year in Romania (if not the biggest); Haribo, a campaign developed on Facebook, for which we did both the creative side and the implementing one. Later we happily added in our portfolio of clients RedBull and Avon and right now we have 4 new clients with undergoing projects.