Zulu says: “It’s time to do things different”

Ads, Creativity

Agencies have been doing “spec creative” in pitches since the Madmen era. But what happens when you ask people in other industries for spec work? Zulu decided to find out.

From shopkeepers to professionals, participants had no idea what was about to be asked of them. The resulting film skewers the notion of pitch work while proposing to the ad industry: it’s time to do things differently.

Zulu is one of the few agencies that steadfastly refuses to do free “spec” work for potential clients. The video was made and shared at strategy’s Agency of The Year award show.

Zulu Alpha Kilo

Creative Director: Zak Mroueh

Art Director: Guilherme Bermejo

Writer: Nick Doerr

Agency Producer: Tara Handley

Production House: Zulubot

Director: Zak Mroueh

Production House Producer: Tara Handley/Daniel Kaplan

Director of Photography: Albert Huh

Casting Director: Shasta Lutz

Video Post Facility / Editing Company: Zulubot

Editor: Mike Headford

Colourist/Transfer: Roslyn Di Sisto /Smith

Audio Post Facility/Music House: Zulubot

Producer: Tara Handley

Engineer: Stephen Stepanic

Zulu Alpha Kilo is based in Toronto, Ontario. Founded in July 2008 by Zak Mroueh, the agency has a full-time staff of 75 people. Clients include Audi Canada, Bell Canada, Cineplex Entertainment, Interac Association, Labatt Breweries, Mott’s and Workopolis. Everyone in the company belongs to one company-wide creative group, and free-spirited, collaborative ideation is one of the agency’s core principles.