ADC Romania launches “Ionut Popescu” scholarship

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ADC Romania will launch a new scholarship, “Ionuț Popescu”, to commemorate the art director and photographer that died following the fire in Romanian club Colective, which claimed 56 lives until this date. The scholarship will be of Euro 500 and will be offered to a student of ADC*RO School which will have the top results at the end of the school.  The school started the entry period, which will last until November 25th; those interested can solve a brief available on school’s website. If they are admitted, the students must pay a fee of Euro 500.

Ionut Popescu was an Art Director “with an extra speed”, as Teodor Cucu, Creative Director & Managing Partner TheCell, says.


Ionut worked in advertising since 2005, in Romanian agencies like Mercury360, Cohn & Jansen, GMP, Frank and for brands likeTimisoreana, Audi, Cosmote, Skoda and Romtelecom.

Perfectionist, feared by almost all copywriters he worked with for the words: “Come up with text”, managing many times to make layouts faster than some were writing headlines. With passion for music, photography, fail compilations and junk food

Teodor Cucu

Ionuț Popescu became an entrepreneur in 2011, year when he founded, together with Teodor Cucu and Alex Gâlmeanu, the creative lab TheCell.

Teo Cucu describes Ionut:

Self-taught and perfectionist. For him, any project needed attention, craft, because he knew that any projects he signs represents him. He didn’t have a Facebook account for fear he would loose too much time there. Therefor, when he had a little spare time, he was inventing something to do: a tutorial forAfter Effects, a photo project, an animation test or he was just drawing something. I wish some of his spirit, of his curiosity and pleasure to perfect any project, even an ordinary flyer, to pass along and to inspire those at the start of their career.

With the students to be announced in December, the new edition of ADC*RO School starts in January 2016 and will last for 4 months.

Art Directors Club Romania (ADC*RO) is an NGO aiming to promote and recognize excellence in creativity, linking the professionals from Romanian visual communication industry.