Romanian market: Zelist Monitor and Klarmedia join forces to offer complete monitoring services 

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Zelist Monitor and Klarmedia closed a partnership and joined forces in order to provide monitoring for all relevant sources in traditional and digital press and social media

With this partnership, the 2 companies aim to offer to their clients complete monitoring and media analysis services. Zelist Monitor and Klarmedia will combine their tech and human capabilities in order to offer 365 degree packages to answer to all demands when it comes of monitoring brands, campaigns or events in Romania.

The clients of both companies will have access to the most complete monitoring offer in Romania: written press, radio, TV, online, blogs, forums, press aggregators, social networks (public Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus,, Foursquare, LinkedIn).

In order to offer complete monitoring services, the two companies will combine the tech performances and expertize in digital monitoring – specific to Zelist Monitor – to the human resources needed in custom projects and access to audio-video and printed press offered by Klarmedia.


Zelist Monitor is Romania’s most complete social media and online press monitoring service. The platform developed by TreeWorks in 2010 is used by over 50% clients using monitoring services in Romania. Zelist Monitor allows users to have an overview of Romanian social media and of the impact over brands. Zelist Monitor is monitoring over 23,000 public Facebook pages, 370,000 Twitter accounts, 360,000 Instagram accounts, 89,000 blogs, 3,500 online press outlets and over 140 forums

Klarmedia launched recently on Romanian market and involves 2 of the most experienced Romanian media monitoring specialists, Ionut Anastase and Octavian Petrescu. The Client Service department is headed by Liviu Gerea, professional with over 15 years of experience within the industry. Besides the monitoring services, the company offers services like evaluating PR activities based on KPIs established for each client, depending on business’ specifics and type of audience,  crisis communication assistance, real time alerts, ad-hoc searches, transcripts for news, shows, press conferences and any other recordings provided by clients