Rage uncensored over internet, now with a dedicated app

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Two Romanians, Mihai Pocorschi and Bogdan Savonea, and a TechCrunch journalist, Jonathan Shieber, launched an app – Rage Now – that allows internet users to vent their rage uncensored, as PlayTech.ro and Start-up.ro inform.

Rage app on iTunes

The app, Rage Now, functions by offering people the option to say whatever they want online, no matter if that is acceptable or not from social standards’ point of view. The app offers 3 main functionalities that allow users to express their dissatisfaction: one that allows them to say anything on any subject, the second as messages “yelling” to other users and the third that lets internet users comment furiously on different themes or related to important personalities of the moment.

rage mods
Rage app page (http://rageapp.io/)

The app’s log in is made via a Twitter, but the account remains anonymous and allows internet users to express themselves in any way, without being censored.

The app is available for the moment for iOS and can be downloaded here. The Android version is expected to be launched next year.

Rage app on iTunes