Bucharest’s Int’l Contemporary Art Biennale, communicated by MSLGroup The Practice

Events, PR

MSLGroup The Practice is the exclusive communication partner for the 7th edition of Bucharest’s International Contemporary Art Biennale. This is the first time when the communication for Bucharest Biennale is handled by a PR agency.

Bucharest Biennale is the most important contemporary art event in Eastern Europe and is scheduled to take place on May 26th – June 30th. The biennale is curated by Niels Van Tomme, critic and researcher, working at the intersection between culture, politics and contemporary aesthetics.

Oana Bulexa and Monica Jitariuc, Managing Directors MSLGroup The Practice:

We are happy to be involved in this wide scope cultural project and we aim to mark for Romania an important spot on the map of the biggest cultural events in Europe and in the entire world. It is a big honor for MSLGroup The Practice to be chosen as the first PR agency to handle exclusively the communication for Bucharest Biennale



For this year’s edition of the event, Van Tomme is interested to exploit an unique position that Romania – more exactly Bucharest – has in a growing network of economical exchanges. By researching these structures, Van Tomme tries to complicate the isolation and marginalization notions that were historically attributed to Romania and Eastern Europe, with the theme of this year’s edition being “What are they building down there?”.

This year, we aim for BB7 to help educational progress and the progress of a solid and relevant art market. That is why we chose to communicate via an agency with top reputation when it comes of creation and PR strategy, so our messages would reach a wide public and mark relevant progresses in communicating one of the most important contemporary art events in Eastern Europe

Razvan Ion and Eugen Radescu,

Co-founders Bucharest Biennale