New edition of Media Recap, launched by Golin and the Romanian blogger Alex Ciuca

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Golin announced the launch of 2016’s edition of Media Recap, analysis that presents social media trends for the current year and the most relevant social media campaigns and events from the previous year. The report is made as a partnership between The Bridge (Golin’s digital expertise hub) and Alex Ciuca, owner of blog.

Raluca Duta si Alex Ciuca

With Media Recap, we aim to identify trends, channels and digital tech which will significantly influence the social media activations in 2016. This way, we are setting the context for this year’s campaigns, especially as the social media activity became even more relevant, with 8M Romanians using at least one social platform

Raluca Duta,

Chief of The Bridge, Golin.

The characteristic of 2015 was a strong tie between visual and emotional storytelling and brands passed from selective hearing to active hearing, as more and more users have a continuous mobile connection. This is the winning ticket for advertisers that wanted to generate conversations in interaction with communities, to make from hearing an engine for brand insights discovery.

For the current year, Media Recap estimates that the truly relevant macro-trends are consumers’ need to see usefulness in interacting with tech, the focus on honest feelings in brands’ communication in order to generate authentic emotions.

More info on 2016’s trends and social media in Romania are available in Media Recap e-book (available in Romanian here).