Romanian Valentine’s symbol, selected by Romanians in a campaign signed by CohnandJansen JWT

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Romanians have their own version of Valentine’s Day, called Dragobete and such a celebration had to have its own symbol, therefor CohnandJansen JWT and Petrom challenged Romanians, during their newest campaign, to select the proper symbol for this holiday.

Each year, we created campaigns during which we supported, one way or another, Dragobete’s cause. In 2013, we supported the young Romanian artists who made t-shirts with Romanian designs that could be bought in oil stations. Last year, we offered bracelets through which the wearer was signalizing he was a supporter of Dragobete. This year, we wanted to find something even more powerful and impactful, mainly online

Monica Radulescu,

Head of Digital & Strategic Planner CohnandJansen JWT.

Vote Dragobete’s symbol! campaign is a normal extension for the platform Romanian Achievements Collection launched during previous years and supports the authentic Romanian values. In the same time, it represents a base for the years to come, we hope to attract and involve as many Romanians on the side of the real symbol of Romanian love: Dragobete

Iulian Ducuta,

Brand Manager Petrom

The lack of a symbol for Dragobete became the challenge for the new campaign. The research continued and extended on multiple websites, searching for stories about the mentioned holiday.

For us, this is a campaign we are very fond of. We wanted to activate Romanians’ honest and justified pride, anti-clichee, for people that want to see a 100% Romanian holiday cherished as it should be (…) This is how we found out traditions, superstitions, habits more or less practiced. The surprise is Dragobete has some surprising rituals that need a certain determination. Traditions lead towards symbols. And yes, we passed through a series of symbol until we chose the ones we submitted to vote. There were 9 symbols which synthesized the habits most found in all we’ve study

Alexandra Manoila,

copywriter CohnandJansen JWT


Between February 8-14, Romanians could vote online and select their favorite symbol in a Facebook app or on Petrom‘s website. The winning one, Union, got 20,000 votes.


  • CohnandJansen JWT: Alexandra Manoila (Copywriter), Adi Mara (Art Director), Alex Negoescu (Creative Director), Andrei Cohn (Creative Director & Managing Partner), Monica Radulescu (Head of Digital & Strategic Planner), Andreea Mateescu (Account Manager), Miriam Ivanescu (Account Director), Virgil Ghelmeci (DTP), Cristian Dobre (Production & Events Manager), Raluca Diaconu (Digital Project Manager).
  • Andrei Dutulescu (Digital Project Manager), Robert Capraru (Digital Art Director), Andreea Malaescu (Community Manager) si Ionut Nicula (Webdev).
  • OMV Petrom: Iulian Ducuta (Petrom Brand Manager), Andreia Tudor (Marketing Specialist), Ioana Florescu (Business Partner Marketing Communication)