Rusu+Bortun, awarded at Rebrand 2016 for a BCR project 

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Romanian agency Rusu+Bortun Brand Growers received recognition at Rebrand 100® Global Awards 2016 with the rebranding project for Bursa Binelui (Good Stockexchange), an online donations platform developed by Romanian bank BCR and dedicated to NGOs.

Dupa_brosura corporate

The awarded platform is the only donations platform without fees in Romania; it was launched in 2012 by BCR (part of Erste Bank), but its initial identity wasn’t communicating the real potential of the platform, therefor the project needed more than simply a new logo. The brand audit made by Rusu+Borțun showed the platform missed the correct understanding for brand’s mission. The new positioning solved this aspect: an innovative banking product, with a humanitarian mission.

Dupa_implementare eveniment

For good deeds – donations, in our case – , trust is needed, and trust is build by a brand that knows how to relay clearly and efficiently what, how and why it does what it does. And here is where our partners from Rusu+Bortun intervened successfully, managing, following a complex auditing and rebranding process, to put a new, friendly and attractive face to the Bursa Binelui platform. We are proud that now we have also international recognition for a well executed project

Nicoleta Deliu,

Chief Corporate Communication and Communitary Affairs Department BCR.


The new identity needed to be integrated with BCR’s and, in the same time, to be sustainable on its own. Under the promise of a banking product with 0 fees, the platform promotes good as a cool attribute, targeting this way a young public, connected to every day’s realities.

Rebrand 100 is a festival we are admiring for many years, especially us from Rusu+Borțun team who have affinity with the branding and design area, but I don’t know how, every time we wanted to participate, the entry period was already over. Now we are proud that, the first time we entered our work, we also managed to win. We are happy to get this award for an innovative project, which tries to change something within society. We are thanking for enthusiasm and support to BCR’s team, and the fact Bursa Binelui grows with every passing day gives us trust regarding the level of social involvement in Romania

Catalin Rusu,

Chief Creative Partner & CEO, Rusu+Borțun.

Dupa_tote bag

After the rebranding, Bursa Binelui is an independent platform aggregating the projects of Romanian NGOs, which support and encourage indirectly each other. During the first 8 months since the rebranding, via intense communication efforts made by the project team part of Civil Society Gala Foundation and Rusu+Borțun  with NGOs, donors and volunteers, within the website and on platform’s Facebook page, the number of donations on the platform raised by 36%, the number of entered projects increased by 16%, and the base of fans on Facebook increased by 30% (from october 2014 to may 2015).


The teams working on the project:

  • Rusu+Borțun Brand Growers: Catalin Rusu (Chief Creative Partner & CEO), Adriana Lungu (Director Executiv), Raluca Turcanasu (Brand Growing Manager), Tudor Nastase (Brand Designer), Ioan Maxim (Brand Copywriter).
  • The Institute & Civil Society Gala Foundation: Irina Florea & Florentina Loloiu.
  • BCR: Ionut Stanimir (Executive Director Communication Direction) and Nicoleta Deliu (Chief Corporate Communication and Communitary Affairs Department).