Romanian online stores want from their employees curiosity, creativity, passion and a taste for video blogging

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Six months after the launch of the first Romanian e-comm jobs portal – – the founders Lavinia Biberi and Ciprian Dragoi announced the relaunch of the platform with a new graphical formula, aligned to the new trends and adding many help elements to those wanting to explore in depth the sector and learn more on the e-commerce market, which has, in Romania, around 5,000 online stores. was launched in 2015’s autumn and is a meeting place between those interested to work in eCommerce and managers from online stores who are looking for people to work with them in this sector, no matter if there are full time or part time positions or project based tasks.

The Romanian eCommerce market grows constantly by 33-35% year-on-year, and jobs in this field are also developing.

The initiators of the portal stated:

We are happy that, a few months of work and growing the community of eCommerce Enthusiasts, we relaunched, which offers today a new perspective, a new and responsive design, in a form easier to read and intuitive, with more articles, events recommendations and useful info for Romanian eCommerce enthusiasts. It is an unique website on this niche in Romania and, besides the desire to bring as much info to help those looking for a job in an online store, this change is meant to also consolidate the idea of specialization in a certain activity field

According to, the activity domains for which online stores are looking for people are management, programming, PR& Marketing, CRO, editing, Design, sales, administration, SEO and logistics. During 6 months, the portal saw added around 200 jobs in different areas, most for marketing people, programmers, but also for project managers, website admins and sales experts. noticed that marketing specialists and programmers are both the most looked for, and also the hardest to find, the demand for collaborators with those skills representing over 50% of all jobs posted on the portal.

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Their impact is a decisiv one, because a programmer can ruin a website and the marketing person can lift it to the sky or exactly the opposite

Ciprian Dragoi

From what I’ve noticed during this period, most managers want people with a few years of experience in a certain field. Few are those looking for juniors, of people that are at the start of their career. Now the look is for dedicated people for each segment, companies don’t want a “one man show” any longer. In the same time, more and more companies are choosing to hire people to come to the office every day, handling together punctual campaigns that need a good knowledge of the niche they are working for and of the target

Lavinia Biberi

More and more online stores are trying to attract their potential clients on other strong promo platform, besides their main website or Facebook, and be more and more present on their own YouTube channel, including via collaborations with the known Romanian vloggers.

For example, online stores like eMag, MediaDot, PCGarage or FashionDays started for one or two years already to create unique and original video content for their YouTube channels in order to increase their notoriety, get close to their potential clients on this platform, and for branding, and also got conversions as a result.

We noticed on the platform an increase of interest for young people with dedication and passion for videoblogging, as part of jobs’ demands for fashion and IT niches


With its newly launched version, the project comes with a series of advantages and benefits of support from It remains free both for employees and employers.

Once with website’s relaunch, 2Performant Network, that manages the activity of 2Parale, supports the portal, encouraging the online stores’ owners to post their jobs announcement on this employment website dedicated to their niche

We all know that one of the important challenges for eCommerce industry is the recruitment. There are many people who want to work in this field and there are many companies hiring, I am sure that will be an useful instrument for both categories. I know for long both Lavinia and Ciprian and I am happy we can work together on this project

Dorin Boerescu,

CEO 2Performant

In 2016, the founders of Ecomjobs aim for a turnover of Euro 5,000-10,000, coming from companies wanting to highlight the jobs they are offering on the website. The price of a paid announcement is between Euro 10-25, depending of the channels where the promotion is desired (website, social media, newsletters). According to Dragoi, the platform expects to have around 500 paid announcements during the current year.