Jazz brings the poetry on the big screens of Bucharest’s Grand Cinema & More

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Romanian Jazz Communication’s team loves to read poems and loves that so much that went ahead and created a campaign sharing this passion with the others.

Jazz made the campaign for the International Poetry Day, convinced that poetry gives people, in just one square centimeter of words, endless feeling and emotions in a square centimeter and certain that the movies that one can imagine and develop in his own mind when reading poetry are more private and richer that any Hollywood super production.

The campaign was made by Jazz together with v and Carturesti and saw the creatives sharing a message: read a poem.

To inspire the youngsters to start reading poetry, Jazz broadcasted three superb poems, as trailers, before the movies screened at Baneasa Shopping City cinema. The creatives were inspired by three Romanian poets: Matei Visniec, Ana Blandiana and Iv cel Naiv. They were helped by the voices of Radu Banzaru, Isabela Neamtu, Orodel Olaru and the music of Alexandru Arcus and Adrian George Popescu. Vlad Oancea and Cristina Casian were in charge with the direction and the acting.


  • Jazz: creative – Alina Varlanuta, Valentin Suciu, Alin Badiu and Andreea Ghenoiu; client service: Loredana Saru, Georgiana Rotaru
  • Grand Entertainment: Simona Manea
  • Carturesti: Ana Niculescu