A new lifestyle platform for women, launched in Romania by Adevarul Holding

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Adevarul Holding launched, on March 25th, a new online lifestyle platform for women, voux.ro.

The new website aims to inspire its Romanian readers with the latest news in fashion, the most interesting tricks in beauty, the hottest holiday destinations, parenting counseling or tips on healthy nutrition.


Voux.ro was conceived as a product for active women, always on the move, women who love fashion and everything related with a special lifestyle. What will make a difference in such a crowded market like women’s lifestyle will be the mobile newsroom concept. We won’t sit in an office, in front of a computer, imagining things happening, but we will be there, in the middle of the action, trying to discover new people, to find out their stories, behind appearances. Voux.ro aims for a smart public, who loves life and beauty

Nicoleta Nicolae,

Editor in Chief Voux.ro

Voux’s newsroom will be mobile every Friday and will work remote, from different locations, depending on the novelties happening in the fashion world or from different lifestyle events.

Adevarul Holding Group has in portfolio publications like Adevarul, Click, Dilema Veche, Foreign Policy and Historia.