SoftData launches InsightSolution, a software that saves you time while encouraging efficiency

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SoftData launches InsightSolution, a new digital instrument that is meant to make work more easy for managers, employers and employees, and even parents, for those who aspire to be more efficient through better time management.

Putting together in the same platform an e-mail organizer, a note editor, a project organizer, a calendar and a module for conversations, the application offers the users the possibility to follow closely all the projects and tasks, to give real time feedback and hence to save time.

The software is available in three versions: personal, business and educational.

  • personal version is addressed to the people that have many projects and it is a ideal for free-lancers and self employed people that offer their expertise. The platform offers lots of flexibility in controlling personal projects, helping the users to organize their available resources more efficiently. The personal version plays the role of the “boss” that monitors the dynamics of the projects, while meeting deadlines for events and tasks. It is a great alternative for those who want to find a solution anti procrastination.
  • business version is mainly for companies and HR departments. It is ideal for companies that manage projects with more departments simultaneously or for firms that work with long distance partners. Using Insightsolution, one can easily manage complex projects, following carefully every step of the way, so that the blocks in the workflow disappear and the productivity is not affected negatively.
  • educational version is built having in mind professors, schools, university and even parents that want to have a rigorous control over the education of their children to efficiently assign school tasks and improve the quality of their free time.  It is a perfect tool for the child to assess the resources he has available so that they are used in a smart way. At the same time, learning how to use an online platform makes the children more prepared for their future professional lives by inducing a spirit of organization early on.

The price to use the platform varies accordingly with the needs of the users. It depends on the wanted server capacity and the number of users. Insightsolution is available to try in a minimal free version.

Gabriel Munteanu

Insightsolution is the creation of a family business, being developed over several years by Gabriel Munteanu, with the help of his son, Mihai.

Gabriel Munteanu has graduated with a MSc in Aviation engineering from the Military Tehnical Academy in Bucharest and a BA in Economy from the Academy of Economical Studies in Bucharest. After a long period working as a airplane maintenance engineer, he opted for an IT career, focused mostly on developing software for increasing efficiency for companies with a very diverse range of activities. Several years ago, he got on the market with the business SoftData.

Insightsolution is the newest product of the company. It is the product of the years of experience gathered about organization in the airplane industry, the IT industry, but also as a parent and it offers a friendly alternative with quick effects on the productivity of all who value quantifiable successes and that aspire to manage their time the best way possible.

Mihai Munteanu was, during his high-school time, an international Olympian in Mathematics and after that he continued his studies in Europe and the United States, where he is currently finishing his PhD in Mathematics. He is at the same time one of the appreciated assistant professors at UC Berkeley. Even if he was one ocean away, he helped constantly his father with product testing and feedback for developing the Insightsolution platform.