Fred & Farid Shanghai created the new ORPEA campaign for China


The ORPEA group, leading European dependency care brand from France, is entering in China with an image challenge. The need for nursing homes in China is proven to exist, but for historical, political and cultural reasons, this need is just starting to become a real « market ». Even if people’s opinion on nursing homes is starting to change, culturally it was generally not well accepted to send parents in nursing homes, and many Chinese think it is best to take care of their parents at home until the end of their lives. The first nursing home facility opened officially on the 22nd of March in Nanjing.

In order to resonate with the audience in an emotional and delicate way, a crafted branding film was created by FF Shanghai showing scenes of the daily activities of elderly people, with Orpea being the trustful companion caring and supporting the elderly throughout the day. Only with showing hands.


Agency : FF Shanghai (FF GROUP)

Chief Creative Officers : Fred & Farid

Brand Supervisor : Nathaniel Farouz, Ming Cha

Agency Supervisor : May Xiao, Louise Battus

Creative Director: Feng Huang, Asterio Gutierrez

Copywriter: Marsha Savira, Chris Wang

Art Director : Radouane Guissi

Brand Strategist: Jing Qian

Social Media Strategist: Liao Liang, Tang Jing, Fancy Feng

Agency Producer : Karim Naceur, Seydi Bayrak

Production Company: Eagle Media

Production Company City: Shanghai

Director: Patty Sun

Music : Leo Copet

Post-Production : Eagle Media