Sid Lee Paris, Breakbot and Pages Jaunes unite to create interactive music video


recently released a series of mini-films to showcase their work on the new interactive music video for hit artist Breakbot, “My Toy”. The collection of case studies is the backbone of the clip, which features amateur professionals who were chosen from all over France through the business directory PagesJaunes, (France’s Yellow Pages).

Screenshot 1

Before the action begins, viewers are invited to “Click on the video to discover the pros who are hiding behind this clip”. As it continues, the audience can pause the action, whereupon a collection of icons appears on screen. When clicking an icon, the corresponding professional explains their contribution through an interview and information on how to contact them appears on the screen. Thanks to Sid Lee Paris’s creative work, viewers are given a unique in-depth view of the ‘making of’ a music video and get a rare behind the scenes look at the set.


Sid Lee Paris:

  • Executive Creative Director: Sylvain Thirache
  • Creative Directors: Céline et Clément Mornet Landa
  • Art Directors: Yoann Plard, Jules Jolly
  • Managing Partner: Johan Delpuech
  • Deputy General Manager: Bruno Lee
  • Account Director: Jean-baptiste Destabeau
  • Account Manager: Thomas Lec’hvien
  • Production Director: Thomas Laget
  • Producer: Pauline Couten
  • Digital production Director: David Bismut
  • Digital producer: Clément Cassajus
  • Brand Management PagesJaunes:
  • Executive Director: Christophe Pingard
  • Deputy Executive Director: Julien Ampollini
  • Brand and Advertising Director SoLocal Group: Gérard Lenepveu
  • Advertising and Media Manager SoLocal Group: Yann Drumare
  • Communication Manager: Isabelle Druesne

Production: Breakbot

Label: EdBanger Records

Record Company: Because music

Director “My Toy” clip : AB / CD / CD

Production “My Toy” clip: Partizan

Director Brand Content: Dimitri Pailhe

Digital Production: 60fps

Fashion designer: Xénia Gasull

Choreographer: Catherine Ematchoua