Andreea Nemens takes over the leadership at Romanian GMP Advertising

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Starting May 1st, Andreea Nemens becomes General Manager GMP Advertising, while Felix Tataru, founder of the agency and previous GM, withdraws completely from the management to dedicate to GMP Group as its president

When I agreed to be executive director at GMP, three years ago, the vision we established together with my team and Felix, as General Manager, was for GMP to be the most creative and efficient independent agency. In Romania. Then in the New Europe. The AdMarket Study 2015 says we managed to do so. We still have a lot to work from now on also, because it is easier to get on top than to stay there. For this, I consider essential to consolidate agency’s culture around the common values. I think it is vital to make things that bring value to GMP’s clients, but also to us. It is a wanted thing for each person in GMP to find more and more sense in what he does, because this how he will invest soul into his work and the result will be a profound one both for him and for the public targeted by a campaign or for the client to whom he proposed a solution

Andreea Nemens,

General Manager GMP Advertising

Andreea, who coordinated agency’s operational activity during the last 3 years (creative, strategy, client service, AV production and graphic design), will now answer for the strategic and financial management of the company and will represent the agency.

Andreea Nemens si Felix Tataru
Andreea Nemens, Felix Tataru

As GMP Group’s President, Felix Tataru will continue to insure the integrity of the services offered to the clients by the partner agencies.

After 7 years of presence in GMP and 18 years since the founding of the agency, Andreea becomes company’s GM. It is an important moment, which we prepared together during the last 3 years, and I believe Andreea will bring new perspectives to agency’s development in the benefit of our colleagues, clients and consumers. After all, the context of the communication market is towards the integration of disciplines. The experience shows us that, when we have an integrated approach for the communication, we manage to come up with exceptional campaigns. As president of the group, I will continue to be involved in the campaigns that will use the integration of the communication solutions our group is offering. Together with the other leaders of the group – Ioana Manoiu, Laura Florea and Bogdan Nitu – , Andreea Nemens will represent the discipline of advertising to the integrated communication table

Felix Tataru,

President GMP Group.

GMP Advertising was founded in 1998. In 2007, the agency scooped the 1st Romanian Lion in Cannes. It is the only agency having two Grand Effies for the same brand – Timisoreana. In the start of 2014, GMP Advertising entered a partnership with Jung von Matt. GMP Advertising is the only agency in Golden Drum’s history to have received twice the title Independent Agency of the Year

Andreea Nemens is 37 and joined GMP Advertising in the start of 2009, as Group Account Director for Timisoreana. In the end of the same year, she became Client Service Director and, in November 2012, she was appointed executive director of the agency