KFC Romania supports education, makes its Wi-Fi free for correct answers

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To help the education system in Romania right before the Baccalaureate exam, KFC Romania and MRM//McCann Romania launched Wi-Fi Test campaign, donating 5700 MP of free internet for preparing young people for the exam.

KFC restaurants all over Romania changed their entire routing systems to replace existent Wi-Fi passwords with hundreds of questions that are present also during Baccalaureate exam.


The mechanism is simple. When entering a KFC restaurant, one who wants to connect to the internet must search for Wi-Fi Test network. When pressing the “Connect” button, the user will be presented a question from the Baccalaureate exam (all questions are approved by high-school teachers) and, if the correct answer is given, the user will have free access to the internet for an hour. After an hour, the process must be repeated to regain network access.

Nir 1_McCann Bucharest

Romania is among the countries with the highest internet speeds (top 3 worldwide) and another record is that Romanian adolescents are the ones using the internet the most. Unfortunately, when it comes of educational system’s performances, Romania ranks way down. The digital donations for community’s interest are more and more frequent among brands that are socially involved and I am proud MRM//McCann Romania and KFC Romania are part of this global movement

Nir Refuah,

Chief Creative Officer MRM//McCann Romania.

Ioana Filip

When you are an adolescent and everyone tells you to learn, you would do anything else but that. We wanted to offer to the adolescents an alternative study method for Baccalaureate, one that transforms school and learning in something more fun. And how else we could’ve done that better than using something that is present in their daily activities, the internet?

Ioana Filip,

Executive Creative Director MRM//McCann Romania.

After the full implementation of this project, KFC Romania will offer the routers software to all organizations and even families willing to turn their own Wi-Fis into a learning method for students and not only.

The campaign includes more promotional videos, including The White House, the Modern Romanian and Vikings.

Credits MRM//McCann Team

  • Nir Refuah – Chief Creative Offices
  • Ioana Filip – Executive Creative Director
  • Sandra Bold – Copywriter
  • Nadejda Ghilca – Art Director
  • Dany Manea – Senior Programmer
  • Gina Zgubea – Account Director
  • Tina Cretu – Account Manager