PayPoint Romania: 60M transactions in 10,000 pay points last financial year, up 12.7% compared to previous one

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PayPoint plc, main operator of cash and online payments in UK and Ireland, reported its financial results in Romania for the previous financial year (2015-2016). The company registered a volume of 60.2M transactions consisting in payments for invoices, up 12.7% compared to the previous year. In the same time, significant increases were reported on other segments for payments, from e-charging for prepaid phone cards to money transfer or paying road fees.

Mugur Dogariu, Managing Director PayPoint Romania:

In 2008, when we launched locally the service for paying invoices, the objective to offer people a national network of 10.000 partner stores was, for sure, an ambitious one. The fact that now we can announce we surpassed that milestone is, for us, a great achievement. No matter they are small proximity stores or they are part from big international networks, the merchants are playing a crucial role in our business. PayPoint’s success is linked with the success of partner merchants and their involvement has an essential contribution: only together we can offer to the community services at the highest quality standards. Each pay point added during these years and every new service available on the PayPoint terminal helped us to be closer o consumers and answer their needs better and better. We built the most generous and vary portfolio of payments existent on the market, available through the widest network of pay points; for the consumers, this translates through the possibility to make all payments fast and secure, with just one single trip to their PayPoint store nearby. We thank to the consumers for the over 60M payments made, with trust, via PayPoint and we insure them that we will keep making efforts to offer to them more and more vary payments experience

During the financial year which ended, PayPoint signed collaboration agreements with 24 new partner providers, reaching to a portfolio of 119 important players from different industries, with local or national coverage. When it comes of offered services, PayPoint consolidated, last year, its position in segments like utilities, telecom or financial-banking and expanded to its entire network the service cashing in the road fees.

At group’s level, PayPoint plc. reported as volume of 818.7M transactions, up 0.7% compared to the volume reported during the previous year, with the total value of the transactions being of over £14BN. The group had net income of £123.6BN, up 0.4% compared to the previous year.