Romanian Bucovina: Thirst yourself!, brand relaunches with a campaign signed FCB Bucharest

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Romanian mineral water brand Bucovina relaunched with a new communication campaign signed by FCB Bucharest.

We are happy and proud to announced, with the relaunch campaign, the recent entry of Bucovina brand within Maspex Group. We are talking about a brand that has notoriety and fidelity among consumers

Mihaela Greluș,

Marketing Director Tymbark Maspex

Bucovina brand earned an important role on a market with long tradition and matching competitors. Bucovina is and will remain that product which helps one take care of himself every day. We are happy that, by working with FCB Bucharest, we found the best formula to send the message

Corina Vlad,

Marketing Director Rio Bucovina

The relaunch of Bucovina brand was at least a challenge. Starting from brand’s DNA, we wanted to maintain continuity between the communication strategy and bring a step forard the promise of «supreme balance for body and mind», a platform anchored in the balanced composition of the product. What we aimed for was to understand how to translate the balance between mind and body for each of us and attach an insight to this promise. The thought we started from was the balance comes from the tension between «what I wish» and «what I must do», between the things that make me feel I live – to learn something new, to have a secret, to give myself time to get bored, to be silly sometimes – and «what I have to do» each day. That is why the message behind is that balance comes if you do more often what you feel. Fully, with thirst.

Alecsandra Roman,

Head of Strategy FCB Bucharest

Thirst yourself! is a call that comes to stop the thirst for balance each of us has. We’re missing our time, our own choices, we lack freedom. In a world in which people avoid to express themselves under the pressure of not crossing over the norm, only living intensely one can feel one belongs. And, each time you laugh, cry, shiver, sweat, are afraid or crave, your body looses water. Bucovina is the one encouraging you to loose water and, instead, earn life. This is the essence of the balance

Claudiu Dobrita,

Creative Director FCB Bucharest

The campaigns runs in Romania starting June 22nd, on TV, OOH, print, radio and online.


FCB Bucharest:

  • Claudiu Dobrita, Creative Director
  • Andreea Golban, Senior Copywriter
  • Emanuel Borcescu, Senior Art Director
  • Olivia Spanu, Copywriter
  • Irina Tanase, Junior Copywriter
  • Florin Ciobanu, Head of Digital
  • Alecsandra Roman, Head of Planning
  • Oana Nedelea, Strategic Planner
  • Sorina Borcescu, Client Service Director
  • Simina Lambrino, Group Account Director
  • Laura Blebea, Account Manager.


  • Mihaela Grelus, Marketing Director Tymbark Maspex
  • Corina Vlad, Marketing Director Rio Bucovina
  • Maria Nica, Marketing Coordinator Rio Bucovina

Campaign’s ad was directed by Radu Muntean, with Radu Lucaciu as image director. It was filmed by Bucharest’s production house D-Studio, with Ducu Ion as producer. Post-production was made by Animotion and the original soundtrack is signed by Electric Brother.

Rio Bucovina was founded in 2006 and its commercialized brands are Bucovina (mineral sparkling and still water), La Vitta (still and sparkling spring water and bubbling water),  Rio, Malibu, Bon Ton (pop drinks), Golden Horse (energy drink) and La Vitta (food products). Starting March 2016, Rio Bucovina is part of Maspex Wadowice Group, one of the main players in CEE in food segment, leader on juice and nectar markets in Poland, Czechia and Slovaki and an important player on markets like Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and Lithuania.