Jazz and BRD launched their first campaign together

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Addressing the BRD’s IMM business sector, “Today’s success is in all of yesterday’s mistakes” is an open dialogue to a new category of entrepreneurs: the ones that passes the economic crisis and have learnt from it to be pragmatic, moderate, cautious.

Starting from the context that shows the economy is about to recover, also helped by the new measures of fiscal relaxation provided from the beginning of the year, after several attempts, the entrepreneurs are daring to think about their business’ success.

BRD pentru IMM

’Talking with our entrepreneurs, among which the ones appearing on the “why?” spot, we discovered that the entrepreneurship is about trying until succeeding, about failure, but also about moving forward, learning from those mistakes. The mistakes are at the basis of the best life’s lessons and, at the same time, business ones. Everybody sees the success, but few know all the mistakes that are behind it. And it is especially that side that we find interesting, in which we found the “tension” that we needed in order to bring to life the story of the Romanian entrepreneur,” explained Gabriela Simion, executive director marketing and product management, BRD Groupe Societe Generale.

By making mistakes. This is how we came up with the idea of “Today’s success is in all of yesterday’s mistakes”. Internally some idea, thoughts, revelations s were rejected. Until we defined the message and the executions for all channels we wrote and rewrote the message so many times that we lost its count. Mistakes. Mistakes that we’ve learnt from how to speak with the entrepreneurs that passed the crisis – the way the tv execution “Success” was born. And how to listen to them – this is how the TV execution “Why did you become an entrepreneur?” was born,” also said Alina Varlanuta, senior copywriter Jazz.

Therefore, in the new campaign, the entrepreneurs become the stars of their stories, offering the context and the quality content that are necessary to the creation of the bridge between the advertising spot and the everyday life. The entrepreneurs have been attentively selected among the BRD clients, by being people that run successful businesses, with revenues of over EUR 1 million.

Alongside the TV, the message of the BRD for IMMs campaign is present and completes the other channels: online executions (banners, Facebook ads) and offline through materials dedicated especially to the entrepreneurs (both brand and product ones – the credit line), posters in all BRD’s branches with the entrepreneurs whose courage encouraged the agency and the client.

Especially for this campaign there was also launched a series of videos “I am an entrepreneur” on brd.ro/suntantreprenor, in which the entrepreneurs speak about the mistakes they did in their business.

“Today’s success is in all of yesterday’s mistakes” is a courageous, yet pragmatic step taken by BRD in order to come meeting the entrepreneurs’ needs, from the desire of becoming a bank inspired by their success.

The campaign rolls in the period 15th of July – 11th of September 2016.

Team Jazz:

Alina Varlanuta, Senior Copywriter

Raluca Matei, Senior Art Director

Andreea Ghenoiu, Group Creative Director

Andrei Stanciu, Copywriter

Sebastian Dragu, Designer

Alexandru Buta, Art Director

Valentin Suciu, Partner & Creative Director

Alexandra Coanca, Junior Account Executive

Georgiana Rotaru, Account Manager

Loredana Saru, Client Service Director

Irina Pencea, Partner & Strategy Director


Team BRD:

Gabriela Simion, Director Executiv Marketing si Management Produse

Mircea Tomescu, Director Comunicare

Mihaela Olaru- Director Daily Banking Marketing

Luiza Vrinceanu, Brand Communication Manager

Irina Alexandrescu, Brand Manager

Diana Falan, Brand Manager

Adrian Enculescu, Digital Marketing Manager

Corina Ogrodnic- Manager Produs