Honeycomb launches in Germany and Austria

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Revolutionary advertising-delivery platform continues European rollout and, following its UK launch earlier this month, Honeycomb opens the doors to advertisers, production houses and agencies in Germany and Austria.

Refreshingly transparent and user-friendly, Honeycomb has been developed to make the video advertising delivery process simple and intuitive – taking assets from advertiser to broadcaster and publisher in a faster and more efficient way.

Eliminating the inevitable errors that arise with manual intervention, and consequentially a large portion of the associated costs, Honeycomb connects the knowledge, data, experience and insights of the ad industry to create a vastly more automated process.

Frank Lakebrink, who is leading the charge as Head of Europe, brings six years’ experience, having run operations across several European countries for one of the world’s largest advertising delivery companies, Adstream.

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Honeycomb’s European operations will be based in Frankfurt, a decision that was driven by the local market and established talent. “Germany is a strong market, economically and from an advertising point of view,” says Lakebrink. “It is vital to the success of the business that we understand the cultural nuances of each market and this can be achieved faster by people who are already experienced in handling different European countries. We have the fortune of a great team here, many of which I have worked with before.”

Founder of Honeycomb, James Carpenter adds: “The team, which is located in Germany, has up to 10 years’ experience in the distribution business right across Europe and Frank has had the benefit of working with most of them before. Like Thorsten Rosam, the new Director of Sales DACH, he knows the markets and their needs, and is eager to create a better, more sophisticated business. That is why he decided to join Honeycomb.”
COO Moritz Wuttke, former COO at Adstream, adds: “We have assembled a strong, experienced and dedicated team of people, who have worked together before and understand the value of client relationships.

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“They believe in the mission of Honeycomb, which is fundamentally about distribution, but beyond that, seamless integration into the online and programmatic advertising world of the future. This puts us in a strong position, but we know we need to work together to get to our goal of ‘zero-waste advertising’.”

The new data-driven platform is designed with the future of programmatic TV and video in mind. Operating more like a community, Honeycomb works with users and partners towards its goal of ‘zero-waste video advertising’. The thinking behind this new data-rich system is that once TV evolves to replicate the buying and content scheduling models of online advertising, Honeycomb will be able to identify and supply the data, with the delivery speed needed, for converged programmatic TV.

Honeycomb has been operational since Summer 2015, when they partnered with one of the UK’s leading broadcasters to operate the syndication of content, implanting Honeycomb within their existing systems.