Biz magazine presented 2016’s most powerful 100 Romanian brands

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The seventh edition of BrandRO, the top of the “100 most powerful Romanian brands”, event organized by Biz, presented yesterday, for the first time, the results of the study realized by the research company Unlock Market Research in 2016.

According to the study, the champion of the Romanian brands at this edition is Gerovital, that climed four positions in the top. Held by the Cluj producer of cosmetics, Farmec, Gerovital represents a brand always visible that innovates and keeps up with the trends.

On the second place is Borsec that succeeded in keeping the position earned in last year’s top. The two brands are followed by Dero, Farmec, Elmiplant, Arctic, eMAG, Poiana, Napolact and Dorna.

What have learnt and changed the Romanians in the last years? And what are the novelties in the area of the Romanian brands? They’ve learnt to live fast, to appreciate the diversity, the simple things and to look for the authenticity, the real emotion and the truth. If until now we were talking about the Romanian way (the tendency of reevaluating the Romanian style), now we talk about a trend of modernism and Romanian avangarde. The people started to actively support everything that is Romanian, to believe again in the national value and to promote Romania,” said Adina Vlad, Managing Partner, Unlock Market Research.

In this year’s top one can observe the continuous ascension especially of the hygiene and cosmetics products (Gerovital, Farmec, Elmiplant). This trend is supported by the ever growing Romanians’ preoccupation about taking care of themselves, using non-invasive products and of changing the lifestyle towards a healthier one.

The people have changed also under the technological revolutional impact. They became informed consumers that take decisions knowingly. Therefore, there isn‘t enough anymore to communicate, but, how well you can deliver a product and what things you do for people, what value you bring into their lives.

The study is targeting the measuring of the power of the Romanian brands from the perspective of the trust investment and the affection that they offer to the consumers (without financial/ commercial margins included). A brand is stronger from the Romanianism perspective as it succeeds in maintaining its top position regardless of the socio-economic fluctuations of the recent years.

The study is based on 1.000 online interviews and is urban representative, at level of region, degree of urbanism, sex and age population division (between 18 and 35 years old). The Romanian brand’s performance is measured based on 4 indicators: the emotional investment in the brand, the power of the brand, the degree of using and its awareness. A brand’s importance for the consumer was measured with the help of the MaxDiff (Maximum Differentiation Scaling) technology.