McCann Lima created a newspaper front page serving as protest sign in fight to end violence against women

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McCann Lima has partnered with Peru’s newspaper Peru21 newspaper to create a tool for protesters who are fighting violence against women to make their voices heard.

Bred by the civic movement “Ni una a menos” (“Not One Less) that has raised popular support across Latin America through massive public gatherings protesting any type of violence against women, this effort supported the protest march that took place in Lima, Peru, on August 13th.

According to INEI – National Institute of Statistics and Informatics — 32% of Peruvian women have suffered physical and sexual violence. McCann Lima conceived the idea, promptly embraced by Peru 21, one of the most popular newspapers in the country, to change its front page into signs that could be carried in the streets and used in the protests. The revised front pages featured a pink background with white lettering and carried protest phrases suchas: “Violence is not love”; “To be silent is also to be an accomplice”; “Nobody has the right to touch you”.

The campaign was also activated and promoted through social media and public relations.

“Peru 21 is a newspaper that aims to give Peruvians a voice in social matters, taking an important role in positive social changes. By embracing this idea, they became an active tool for protesters to be heard even louder,” says Mauricio Fernandez Maldonado, McCann Lima’s general creative director.


Client: Grupo El Comercio

Product: PERÚ21

Motivo: “Un diario. Una pancarta.”

Agency: McCann WorldGroup Lima

General Creative Director: Mauricio Fernandez Maldonado / Christian Caldwell

General Creative: Omar Polo / Giovanni Macco

Accounts director: Mirjana Slavkovic

Account Executive: Maria Gracia Vasquez

Production Director Agency: Alonso Palomino

Agency Producer: Pimi Ravizza

Casa realizadora: Locomotor

Productor Ejecutivo: Carlos Cía Almeida

Directores: Sebastian Vereau / Ariel Ormeño (DOS)

Animaciónes: Raúl Diaz

Audio: Kazoo


Director: Juan José Garrido

Editor: Diego Salazar

Hearings Editors: Esther Vargas

Brand Manager: Grethel Morales

Brand coordinator: Marcia Oviedo

Marketing Asistant : Claudia Chávez

Editorial Producer: Christian Saurré

Graphic Editor: Luis Hidalgo

Editora de Actualidad: Mariella Sausa

Editors: Lorena Obregón y Pablo Vilcachagua

Community managers: Natalia León y Esteban Monzón

Design: Jose Carlos Malásquez y Shirley Cjahua