Romanian bicycles and shirts producers launch a collection of shirts for bicyclists 


Romanian bicycles producer Atelierele Pegas and the shirt producer Braiconf joined forces and call those using bicycles to „Dress at 4 spokes”.


The two Romanian brands with tradition worked together to launch a collection of shirts suited for those using bicycles. The shirts are combining the modern and non-conformist design of Pegas’ personality with the quality and crafty tailoring Braiconf is renown for. The collection comes up with 3 models of unisex shirts made from 100% cotton .


The shirts combined utility and style, have an avangardist design, are made from denim, with a modern cut, functional aspects and comfort. To address the functionality issue, some models have pockets on the back, similar to the professional cyclist jackets and perfect for storing the wallet, keys, sunglasses or other items


Especially for the experiences during cycling and not only for that, we thought that reflecting bands will help one be more visible and more secure within the urban jungle. We added reflecting bands where the shoulder and sleeve saw together and, if one pulls the backside part of the shirt over the lombar area, other 2 reflecting bands appear

Andrei Botescu,

Founder Atelierele Pegas

Brainconf’s factory created a limited 300 pieces series of shirts, with plans to start mass production next year. The initiators of the collection expect to sell over 10,000 shirts, with prices of over Euro70. The shirts can be found in Pegas stores and Brainconf stores from Bucharest, Constanta, Brasov, Timisoara, Cluj, Braila and Galati.