McCann Lima and Save The Children combat teenage pregnancy with Math and language exercises

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In Peru, 15 out of 100 girls under the age of 18 become mothers, or are currently pregnant, according to UNFPA, The United Nations Fund for Populations.

For the country of Peru, and Peru’s office of Save The Children, this is a problem that has received very little awareness, and the culture itself avoids the subject. Peruvian schools, even colleges and universities, do not provide any courses that address these matters. Education that prevents pregnancy is more or less missing from the entire national conversation.

McCann Lima, in partnership with Save The Children Peru, saw an opportunity to confront the issue of underage pregnancy by using the subjects of math and language to soften the message and engage Peruvians.

McCann Lima conceived a website that presents “real problems” for parents to read that appear to be math and language comprehension exercises – but they do so by directly addressing the issues around underage pregnancy.


McCann’s website –  – presents 16 problems (10 math and 6 verbal/language) that are simple exercises that parents can use to engage their children sexual education.

Launched October 11 in Peru, to coincide with The International Day of the Girl, the site is supported by social media initiatives, public relations and other platforms. One online video produced by McCann Lima features a young girl (an actress, made up to look hugely pregnant) who interviews people on the street about the worst problems in Peru; none of the citizens mention teenage pregnancy.


  • Creative EVPs: Mauricio Fernández Maldonado C. / Christian Caldwell
  • Creative director: Yasu Arakaki
  • Creatives: Gerardo Ramos/Ricardo Aranibar/Mauricio Fernández Maldonado C.
  • Atendimento: Andrea Paz / Jhonatan De La Cruz