Bagged internet in a new Romanian campaign from Lay’s and Vodafone

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Lay’s launched in Romania a new campaign, in partnership with Vodafone, offering consumers “bagged internet”, which means the opportunity to obtain online access by consuming the potato chips..

According to Alina Imbrea, Marketing Director Snacks Greater Balkans PepsiCo, the new campaign is “a strong example of cross marketing between known brands, with this kind of initiative still being at their beginnings in Romania”. The campaign is based on 360 communication, has a strong, complex and targeted digital pilar, but also TV, BTL and interactive POS activities.


The campaign offers the consumers the chance to win 12M instant prizes (in Lay’s bags), consisting in mobile data (300 MB, 1 GB and 10 GB) and hourly prizes, that give the chance to win a Smart MEGA Kit ( a Vodafone Smart Prime 7 phone  + 1 external battery + 1 Vodafone card with 100GB net, unlimited voice and SMS within the network).

The campaign also includes an activation tailored for students in university campuses, Lay’s Mega Delivery, which offers to them internet to communicate with friends and potato chips to snack with their friends. The activations in campuses take place between October 31st and December 16th, in Bucharest, Iasi, Constanta, Brasov, Cluj and Timisoara.