Joe la Pompe, the “copycat hunter”, published “Copy Paste: How advertising recycles ideas”

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Joe la Pompe, the “copycat hunter”, launched recently “COPY PASTE : How advertising recycles ideas”, its third book which campaigns for more creativity. The book aim is to be interactive, and has some #hashtags appearing all along the book, which are directly related to the website


The book presents 572 ad campaigns compiled, many of them presented and even awarded in festivals. The stake however, is the true originality, as many of the campaigns are actually reproductions, deliberately plagiarized or results of unfortunate coincidence.

The book is distributed by Gestalten and published by Maison Moderne. It is bilingual (in French and English) and commercializes worldwide, for a price of €39,90.

For almost 20 years,  Joe la Pompe pursued his passion for uncovering identical ads and is the world’s best known “copycat hunter”. He is followed by advertisers worldwide. In the description on his website, Joe la Pompe says about himself:

I’m a coïncidences hunter in advertising since 1999. Masked to unmask copycats. I’m a real pain in the ass for all lazy creatives worldwide. I love original ideas. I’m a blogger, a columnist, a book writer, an incorruptible jury member, a keynote speaker… Whatever your agency is, beware, I’m watching you!