M&C Saatchi Abel spreads charity with Stamps for Good

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M&C Saatchi Abel has created a new initiative in collaboration with RocketSeed, entitled Stamps for Good. The campaign allows people to include a virtual stamp, linked to a specific charity, in every email they send.

Stamps for Good is made up of ten virtual stamps (tiny pieces of art embedded in every email the subscriber sends), linked to ten different charities. To get involved, the subscriber visits the Stamps for Good website, picks a cause, pays for the stamp that will be embedded in the emails and then the proceeds go straight to the chosen charity.

Billions of emails are sent around the world every day for various reasons – to share information, set up a meeting, send a personal message – so this new initiative allows people to spread awareness of a certain charity with each email.

At present, Stamps for Good is available to companies only, with each subscription lasting a year. However, there are plans afoot to extend this to individuals in the near future. The charities that users can choose from are: The Haven Night Shelter, Apple-a-Day Foundation, WWF, Habitat for Humanity SA, Project Literacy, The Sunflower Fund, Reach for a Dream, Cotlands, Learn to Earn, and the Animal Anti-Cruelty League.

Gordon Ray, Executive Creative Director at M&C Saatchi Abel:

People these days are looking for simple ways to show they care about issues. Stamps For Good enables this. By having one of the Stamps for Good stamps embedded in every email sent, your company is showing that they care and are making a meaningful difference in the world, and encourages others businesses to do the same.

This is the latest initiative for good launched by the team at M&C Saatchi Abel aimed at making a difference. The agency also conceptualized The Street Store, the world’s first rent-free, premises-free ‘pop-up clothing store’ for the homeless, found entirely on the street and stocked by donations. The Street Store recently celebrated its 500th event and has become a global success, with pop-up events being hosted around the world.

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