Sid Lee orchestrated a Dom Pérignon / Michael Riedel collaboration

Advertising, Innovation


In 2016, after David Lynch, Lang Lang, Iris van Herpen and Ferran Adrià, Sid Lee Paris is now taking Dom Pérignon into the universe of contemporary artist Michael Riedel.

Since the 1990s, Michael Riedel has been building a name for himself by deconstructing reality. He focuses on generating new work from existing material, transforming the seemingly ordinary into the extraordinary, like Dom Pérignon, which transforms simple grapes into exceptional vintages. That’s what makes this limited edition so remarkable. Time, the origin of transformations.

The black and white of the unique packaging play off each other to remind us of the omnipresent contradiction of shadow and light in the brand’s universe. The superposing scheme brings to mind the accumulation of years that come to pass as each vintage reaches maturity.

In a collaboration created by Sid Lee Paris, brand and artist have produced a limited edition collection of the champagne based on Riedel’s packaging.


Sylvain Thirache – Executive Creative Director

Stéphane Soussan – Creative Dirctor

Kim Froissant – Conception

Thomas Laget – Production

Adriana Guix – Art Director

Johan Delpuech – Managing Partner

Jean Baptiste Destabeau – Account Director

François Barteau (France), Theda Braddock (International) – Press Contacts