TeCOMM 2017: Expanding online shops to an international level

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European business owners are paying more and more attention to the online medium. This renders their processes more efficient, reduces costs and helps to better mobilize clients. In this sense, Romania ranks last at European level, next to countries such as Bulgaria and Poland, according to statistics published by the European Commission.

The TeCOMM eCommerce Conference&Expo, which will take place on April 26th and 27th, will provide solutions for rendering businesses more efficient and expanding them to a global level, as it brings together online shop owners and eCommerce professionals.

Online shop expansion – an important step towards global recognition.

The countries with the lowest levels of technology use in business are Romania, Poland and Bulgaria, as shown by the data provided by European institutions that study the digital market. On the other hand, countries like Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands have the most digitally advanced economies in the European Union, followed by Luxembourg, Belgium and the United Kingdom. Our country is ranked last, with the lowest Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), according to the European Commission.

Online shop owners will be presented with practical solutions to key problems in the industry, workshops and debates by online commerce professionals at the TeCOMM eCommerce Conference&Expo Bucharest. Over 250 Eastern European trendsetters are coming together during the 10th edition of the event, to discuss the elements that stand behind success in the eCommerce field, under the main theme Sell them your story!

The global market, analyzed at the TeCOMM Cross-Border Forum

During TeCOMM, for the first time in Romania, online shop owners and heads of European eCommerce associations are partaking in the TeCOMM Cross-Borders Forum, which represents the perfect opportunity for online retailers who have their mind set on expanding to new markets and work territories. The forum is dedicated exclusively to CEOs, online shop owners and heads of eCommerce associations.

Therefore, TeCOMM Cross-Borders Forum participants have the opportunity to expand their businesses, to gain a better understanding of the eCommerce industry at global level, to get informed about their legal rights, as well as to create new business contacts and strategic partnerships.

What should we do in order to gain success at international level?

Among those who understand and analyze eCommerce development is Jesse Weltevreden, who will participate at the TeCOMM Cross-Border Forum. He coordinates and contributes to research projects for the Ecommerce Foundation of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, as well as for other institutions in the industry. Jesse contributed especially to research on eCommerce implications on customer behavior, retail and international and national commerce mobility. His latest research projects are focusing on cross-borders online commerce in Europe, the digital transformation of the retail field and the client-corporation interaction.

“Online shops that want to successfully sell cross-borders must take into account (cultural) differences between countries. Cross-border success in online commerce depends on the extent to which retailers adapt their websites to the culture and needs of foreign customers. Think about local content, a multilingual website, local payment methods, local tags on products and specific information on delivery”, writes an article to which Jesse Weltevreden has contributed, as E-business professor at Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Alongside Jesse, Carlo Terreni (CEO at Netcomm Suisse) and Sven Bally (Senior Founder & Consultant XETA) will participate at the forum.

The premium eCommerce event in Bucharest

TeCOMM eCommerce Conference&Expo, organized by Libero Events, is the premium Eastern European event dedicated to eCommerce. Year after year, TeCOMM brings together the key players in the industry, shop owners and the influential people in the field, in order to educate, inspire and discover pragmatic solutions to everyday problems in eCommerce. This year’s TeCOMM Bucharest conference will take place on April 26th and 27th at Radisson Blu Hotel, and registrations are still continuing at http://www.bucharest.tecomm.ro.

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