#suntemcuvoi: Petrom campaigns for Romanian gymnastics team ahead of European Artistic Gymnastics Championships

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The most important sport event of the year in Romania takes place between April 19 and 23 in Cluj-Napoca, where The Petrom European Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Championships will be held. The event returns to Romania for the first time after 60 years.

Petrom, the sponsor of Romania’s National Gymnastics Team in the last 8 years and the main sponsor of the European competition in Cluj, invites Romanians to support their gymnastics teams through a communication campaign, signed by Graffiti BBDO.

Under the umbrella concept #suntemcuvoi, Romanian sports fans are invited to support the athletes who will represent us in the Polyvalentă Hall, where 274 gymnasts from 37 countries have confirmed their participation.

The event from Cluj-Napoca will bring together former and current champions of local gymnastics. Nadia Comăneci, ambassador of the competition, will be present in Romania with former champions of Romanian gymnastics to support the current team, represented by Cătălina Ponor, Larisa Iordache, Olimpia Cîmpian, Ioana Crișan and in the men’s team, Marian Drăgulescu, Cristian Băţagă, Vlad Cotuna, Robert Ghiuzan, Laurențiu Nistor and Andrei Ursache.

They are joined by girls who may represent the future of Romanian gymnastics and who are part of the program Țară, țară, vrem campioane!. They were discovered after a scouting project coordinated by Octavian Bellu and Mariana Bitang and supported by Petrom.

The girls will be present at the opening ceremony of the European Gymnastics Championship, on April 19 and they are the stars in the spot of Petrom’s campaign.

Petrom proudly supports present and future champions and for the European Championship we wanted to bring in the spotlight the champions of tomorrow, the girls in the program < Țară, țară, vrem campioane!> in order to highlight the passion and work which are invested in this sport ever since the junior stages

Lili Stănculeț,

Corporate Brand Manager Petrom

 The campaign encourages Romanian gymnastics fans to look at the future with confidence. Alex Tocilescu, Graffiti BBDO Copywriter:

 Petrom does not only support the National Gymnastics Team (<the seniors>, as they say), but also started the program <Țară, țară, vrem campioane!>, which supports the champions of tomorrow. Looking at some recordings with the little gymnasts of the program, we were impressed by the passion and enthusiasm for this sport – and with this spot we wanted to show that passion for gymnastics exists and it will always exist in Romanians.

Campaign credits:


  • Lili Stănculeț – Corporate Brand Manager Petrom
  • Livia Fericean – Project Manager Communications & Sustainability Petrom
  • Laura Moroianu – PR Expert Petrom

Graffiti BBDO

  • Titus Dumitrescu –  Creative Director
  • Mihai Calotă – Art Director
  • Alexandru Tocilescu – Copywriter
  • Ioana Mihai – Strategic Planner
  • Marian Matei – Senior Designer
  • Dan Spătaru – Head of DTP
  • Sergiu Petre – Senior PR Consultant
  • Andreea Sandu – Client Service Director
  • Ioana Păunescu – Senior Account Manager
  • Maria Marin – Senior Account Executive