Sid Lee’s new voice analyzing messenger bot to help people finding their mystery factor


In  an  inventive  new  campaign,  Sid  Lee  has  created  the  first  ever  Facebook  messenger  voice-­‐ analyzing  bot  for  client  Skyn.  The  new  system,  which  tests  users’  voices  for  their  mystery   factor,  was  designed  to  promote  the  leading  condom  brand’s  launch  of  “Unknown  Pleasure”,   a  box  containing  an  assortment  of  warming,  cooling,  tingling,  textured  and  even  cocktail-­‐ flavored  Skyn condoms.

The  agency’s  goal  was  to  reinforce  Unknown  Pleasure’s  own   element  of  mystery  wherein  joy  seekers  wishing  to  spice  things  up  can  select  at  random from a medley of choices, not knowing  what pleasure awaits…

Sid  Lee  worked  in  collaboration  with  acclaimed  production  company  Jam3,  to  build  the   voice-­‐analyzing  BOT.  The  system  can  not  only  distinguish  between  male  and  female  voices,  it   can  interpret  several  languages,  including  English,  Italian,  French,  Portuguese  and  Polish.   Each  chat  begins  with  a  personalized  welcome message and continues  with  instructions  for   users  to  switch  on  their  device’s  microphone  and  record  a  10  second  clip  in  their  most mysterious voice. For  those  shy  chatters  that  are  a  bit  tongue-­‐tied,  the  bot  can  help  out  with   suggested  seductive phrases.

After  a  quick analysis of the recording, it sends personalized results  –  a breakdown by percentage of how intense,  mysterious, sophisticated, and  sensual the given voice  is – and  a  link  to  the  website  where  users  can  learn  more  about  the new “Unknown  Pleasure”  condom  package.  Each  result  is  unique  and  users  can  share  their   analysis  across  social  media  channels.

An  innovative  choice  use  of  social  media,  Messenger  was  chosen  as  a  support  both  for  its rare use of digital, as well  as  its  universal,  cross-platform  aspect  that  allows  audio  input.   With  no  download  needed  and  simple  interface,  the  system  is  quick,  efficient  and  personal,   not  to  mention  entertaining.  Warm  up  your  vocal  chords  and  find  out  what  your  voice  says   about  you accessing this link

Sid  Lee  is  a  creative  services  firm  with  600  professionals  working  globally  from  offices  in   Montreal,  Toronto,  Paris,  New  York  and  LA.  The  agency  creates  transformative  consumer   experiences  for  brands   –   across  all  contact  points   –   leveraging  true  interdisciplinary   collaboration.  Rooted  in  strategic  thinking,  it  offers  services  in  the  fields  of  branding,  digital   and  social  marketing,  advertising,  analytics,  architecture  and  retail  design,  branded  content   and  entertainment.  Named  “Agency  of  the  Year”  four  times  since  2009,  the  company  has   earned  a  global  reputation  for  its  progressive  work  and  the  solid  results  it  achieved  for  top-­‐ tier  clients.  Sid  Lee  is  also  the  creator  and  curator  of  C2  Montreal,  one  of  the  largest   innovation  events  in  the  world,  and  is  part  of  kyu,  a  new  collective  of  creative  companies   established  by  Hakuhodo  DY  Holdings,  the  second  largest  agency  network  in  Asia.

Jam3  is  a  leading  digital  production  and  design  agency  based  in  Toronto  with  offices  in  Paris,   Los  Angeles  and  Montevideo.  They  create  highly  advanced,  experiential  works  across  the   advertising  and  entertainment  industries  by  challenging  the  way  digital  stories  are   told.    Jam3’s  expertise  spans  live  action,  animation,  coded  particle  systems,  complex  3D   engines,  and  everything  in  between.    One  of  the  most  highly  awarded  shops  globally,  Jam3   has  been  honored  multiple  times  at  Cannes,  was  named  to  Ad  Age’s  Production  Company  A-­‐ List  and  is  also  the  first-­‐ever  Canadian  digital  production  company  to  land  a  spot  in  the   coveted  FWA  Hall  of  Fame.


Sid  Lee:

  • Advertising  Agency: Sid  Lee  Paris/Amsterdam
  • Creative  Directors:  Este  Du  Plessis  &  Darren  Cronje
  • Senior  Creative:  Johan  Jeansson
  • Head  of  Production:  David  Bismut
  • Group  Business  Director:  Mehdi  Benali
  • Account  Supervisor:  Héloïse  Marchal


  • Associate  Director,  Global  Marketing:  Marta  Toth
  • Global  Brand  Marketing  Manager:  Nicolas  Woussen


  • Executive  Producer:  David  Letourneau
  • Producer:  Madison  Hayhoe
  • Executive  Creative  Director:  Pablo  Vio
  • Creative  Director:  Greg  Bolton
  • Copywriter:  Alina  Kulesh
  • Designer:  Pedro  Barroso
  • UX  Designer:  Candy  Lee
  • Technical  Director:  Aaron  Morris
  • Lead  Developer:  Nick  Poisson
  • QA  Specialist:  Erin  Ray