FCB Bucharest appoints Head of Copy and Head of Art

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FCB Bucharest appointed Dragos Raicu as its Head of Copy and Emanuel Borcescu as Head of Art, rewarding the 2 professionals for their creative ideas, work, passion and dedication.

At FCB, we are making and selling creation and we are striving, every day, to generate and sell the best creation on the market for our clients. From idea to execution, everything must be impeccable. That is why I considered it normal to gather the ranks there where in any agency there is place for better, namely in what we call excellence in craft. Emil and Dragos, as Head of Art and Head of Copy, will take care especially of this extremely precious and pretentious part, making sure that agency’s creative product is not only strategically founded and creatively articulated, but it also look and sounds as good as possible. They have on their side the experience, the passion and the respect for the job, shown every day when it comes of the brands they worked and are working for. I am happy to have them by my side and to be able to count on them

Claudiu Dobrita,

Creative Director FCB Bucharest

With 10 years of experience in the industry, Dragos started his career as Junior Copywriter at Grey Bucharest, where he won his first creative awards with a print campaign nominated back then in Cannes Lions festival. For 6 years, he works as Senior Copywriter for FCB Bucharest, with focus on business. This year, he was appointed Head Of Copy due to the creativity and passion he focused on every project over time.

In the new role, I found myself thinking more than usual to this question: which is the biggest challenge for a copywriter? I believe the answer is the reality of the fact that the power of a concept and the storytelling do not depend on a budget. THat we can and must be more relevant then Kendrik Lamar and David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and then the obscure content creators who gather tens of thousands of reactions and impressions with a photo and a joke written on top in 2 lines, all caps. And that knowing perfectly well that we all start with the same resources: a piece of paper and a pen. Or a screen and a keyboard or an agenda and a pencil, this really doesn’t matter. I won’t talk about an ink-pen, I haven’t seen one of those since primary school! Within the agency, the real fight we are facing every day is with this problem: how do we manage to generate at work things as cool as the ones we enjoy in our spare time?

Dragos Raicu

Emanuel Borcescu works in advertising for 12 years, as Art Director and Illustrator for different clients, amongst which  Staropramen, Bucovina, Sobranie, Philips. His works were included in Lürzer’s Archive and awarded at AdPrint festival.

I believe the new challenge is to understand each Art Director in the team, when it comes of native abilities, talent and interest for different areas such are illustration, photography, typography and so on and to build together, starting from that point. Of course, at the end of the adventure, also those that are at the start of their experience should reach to a certain versatility, which is absolutely needed in this craft. And, not in the end, this thing should be visible in the quality of the Art Direction craft delivered to the clients in our portfolio

Emanuel Borcescu

In Romania, FCB Bucharest offers, for over 20 years, integrated communication solutions to its clients. Its portfolio includes international brands and companies such are Beiersdorf, JTI, Philips, Vodafone, Tymbark Maspex, Molson Coors. Internationally, FCB’s global network includes over 150 agencies in 90 countries, with over 8,000 employees. FCB is part of Interpublic Group of Cos.