GMP PR organizes the first conference on crisis management in Bucharest

Crisis Communication, PR

The first event that highlights the backstage of some of the biggest reputation crises in the last years, their impact on the business, but also the first steps in the reconstruction of the affected reputation, will be organized by GMP PR on October 18th.

Among the speakers present at the event are Alina Coca, Deputy Head Media Operations NATO, Ana Adi, teacher at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and the author of the #rezist volume, a collection of reflections of several contributors regarding the events in the winter of 2017 in Romania, Martin Riecken, Head of Crisis Communications Group Corporate & External Affairs,TUI Group involved in the management of some crises such as 9/11, SARS, the suicidal pilot from Germanwings or the Lufthansa pilots’ strike from Dirk van Eeden, one of the most famous consultants in crises management in the world, with expertize on communication crises in over 50 countries, on six continents, Richard Bagnall, one of the Barcelona’s Principles’ founders. More details can be found on

The conference will be organized on Rooftop Bucharest Mall and is addressed to all the marketing and communication experts. The conference’s objective is to bring on the communicators’ agenda a perspective less debated – the PR’s role in the rebuilding of the reputation and the real impact in business of the reputational crises.

We are honored to bring in Bucharest people that have handled some of the biggest reputation crises in the world,” said Ioana Manoiu, managing partner GMP PR.

In a world of boycotts, cyberattacks and social media power, the crises are not avoiding us anymore. We can prepare for them, we can learn how to correctly administrate them, but what about how we measure their impact in business and what are the recovering strategies? Our guests have valuable lessons to share,” said Ana-Maria Diceanu, Senior Partner GMP PR and Head of Crisis Department.