Mastercard partnered to introduce Pago invoice payment app on Romanian market

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Mastercard supports the development on Romanian market for Pago, the only app that allows the payment of all monthly invoices, with any type of card, from one account. The app is available in App Store and Google Play.

After installing it, users must introduce just once, at their first connection, the authentication data from the online account of each of their providers in order to sync the info within the app. Afterwards, all the invoices are charged automatically in the app, each month, and users can pay them from their mobile, without needing extra passwords and without searching the invoices in the post box or email.

For now, among the 40 services providers that accept payments via Pago are RCS&RDS, Enel, Vodafone, E.ON, Orange, Engie, Electrica Furnizare, UPC, CEZ, Akta, Rebu and others.

Pago’s launch is a very important step for us, seeing it comes after almost 9 moths during which we tested and improved all app’s functionalities. We are thanking to the over 3,000 users who tested the app since phase one and to the 10,000 users that have an active Pago account. Many if them wrote to us during the entire development period, and Pago is today fully functional also due to them. We also thank to our partners, Mastercard and Transilvania Bank, because they trusted us and supported us during the last few months in order to successfully finalize the product so it could be used by anyone who desires a method to manage and pay simply and rapidly the invoices.

Adrian Cighi,

Cofounder Pago 

Since the moment we started collaborating with Pago’s team, we knew we will be able to offer together the best experience for invoces’ payments. Pago’s idea is a very nice one, to be able to pay all your invoices for utilities and services through an app, with a simple gesture. And even to be able to pay automatically on term: set with a few moves the provider, the day and maximum amount and Pago pays according to your instructions. All under the full control of the client, with electronic confirmation and full history (…)  Pago covers all clients’ needs when it comes to monthly invoice payment: simple, transparent, fast, safe.  Creating efficient and handy payment experiences is an objective part of Mastercard’s stratregy, and Pago successfully answers it

Gabriel Ghita,

VP, Business Development, Central and Eastern Europe, Mastercard