Biz Days, one of the strongest business events in Romania, to start on Monday

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The event highlights the performance and business and reunites the leaders and the professionals that set the rhythm and the trends in the business field. Zilele Biz (The Biz Days) will take place November 20-24 in Bucharest, at Arcub.

The participants will have the occasion to interact and discuss business opportunities with professionals from over 300 top companies, renowned at a global level. As each year, the Biz team prepared for the participants five days of conferences, presentations and debates on some of the most dynamic fields in the Romanian economy: Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Management, CSR and Media & Marketing.


Entrepreneurship Day, November 20

The day brings in front the business people that are successfully facing the free market’s challenges and professionals that have the necessary resources to bring the entrepreneurial companies to the next level.

The day will start with a profile of the 2017 Romanian entrepreneur, completed on the basis of an exclusive Biz study about the strongest Romanian entrepreneurial companies, grouped on fields and regions.

The program of the day focuses on ideas, examples and tested methods through which the Romanian entrepreneurs can build strong businesses that will be successful, not only locally, but on a regional and even global level. The participants will have access even to specialists that help the Romanian businesses step to the next level where the vision and the courage must combine themselves with a clear strategy for a coherent development plan.

Innovation Day, November 21

The emergent technologies, the live experiences based on augmented reality, the demonstrations of live hacking and design thinking after the model developed by the department from Stanford University, are just some of the examples that are changing totally the way we live in and the ones you can experiment at Zilele Biz!

The day starts with a keynote speech that will being forefront emergent technologies for 2018, in a live experience based on augmented reality, with solutions dedicated to entrepreneurs, decision makers in marketing and specialists in technology.

The program of the day includes also a demonstration of live hacking that responds to an essential question in the industry: what is attractive and valuable for a cyber felon.

In exclusivity at the Innovation Day, the participants will be able to take part in a workshop design thinking created after the model developed by the department from the Stanford University.

Management Day, November 22


What is the today leader’s profile, how can one become a CEO from a simple employee and what does it entale an international career, what it cannot teach you any MBA and how does a CEO think! About what it means having an international career and leadership without borders will speak Angela Cretu, former Avon CEO in Russia and Turkey. The portrait of a successful leader will take shape with the help of an exclusive study that will be presented by Corina Cimpoca, the founder of MKOR Consulting. At the end of the presentation, MKOR prepared also a concrete tool that will put at the participants’ disposal.

The second conference session presents „Ce nu veti invata niciodata la un MBA” (What you can never learn from an MBA), in which top managers, experts in executive-search and successful leaders that graduated the classes of some prestigious business schools will talk about leadership and management lessons that they’ve learned in practice, but also about how an MBA can help someone in a career.

The day will close with the conclusions of the first edition of the experiment „Biz CEO Exchange”, through which tens of top managers and renowned entrepreneurs have changed, for a day, the company they are working at and arrived at the top of other big organizations in Romania.

CSR Day, November 23

The event will open a challenging debate about money and the relationship between NGOs and companies, about financing and reporting. The guests from the NGOs are: Alina Kasprovski, Executive Director, The Community Foundation Bucharest and Gabriel Solomon, President Founder of the Association People for Sport Romania. In the companies’ corner will be the Orange Foundation and Ursus Breweries.

A special session is dedicated to one of this year’s strongest trends, the investments in education, no matter if we talk about children and adults. The companies have a lot to say in this regard.

A theme intensively discussed is the manner of action of many brands that instead of investing in media are promoting their products by putting them in the communities in which they are sold. About how efficient is this type of approach and the impact of the social marketing will talk Carmen Sterian, Strategic Thinking, Managing Partner, HIPPOS.

Media & Marketing Day, November 24

The day debuts with an exclusivity study – Hunting the Trend, about 2018’s consumption trends.

The program of the way comprises the long awaited sessions Brand Activism, the Women In Leadership debate as well as presentations about how we could make advertising interesting again, constructive innovation and the exponential world’s change through ‘Oceanele Albastre’(The Blue Oceans), and also about how sometimes it’s time for ”Think inside the box” because, in the desperate fight for creativity, innovative ideas, differentiators and the run for the “digital arming” we forget to apply the easiest things.

In exclusivity for Romania, the designer Lana Dumitru and the architect Vlad Tenu come to the Media & Marketing Day with Foraeva, the project created in partnership with Swarovski, in which the art attracts new perfection benchmarks with the help of the digital technology.