ARMO: Romanian e-commerce to raise by 35% in 2017, to €2.8BN

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Romanian e-commerce will reach € 2.8BN, up 35% compared to 2016 and higher than the initial estimate of €2.5BN, Romanian Association of Online Shops (ARMO) announced. Last year, Romanian e-commerce had total sales reaching €2.05BN.

Florinel Chis, ARMO

The evolution of Romanian e-commerce in the first 9mo of the year and the targets announced by the online stores for the most important online shopping event of the year, Black Friday, determined us to reevaluate upwards the estimate regarding the value of the online e-commerce in 2017, to €2.8BN

Florinel Chis,

Executive Director ARMO

Last year, the Romanian online commerce increased by 38%, to €2.05BN, accordinh to the European report regarding e-commerce compiled by Global Ecommerce Association, which placed Romania on the first place in Europe in terms of growth rate and on the second place globally, after Australia (+40%).

The e-commerce has a very good growth potential. If, to the organic advance of this vertical, we can bet also on a national digitalization strategy which will allow the development of digital services, on support for promoting small online businesses and of the transborder e-commerce, but also on initiatives for developing digital competencies for citizens, the perspectives would be even better. We are expecting for the e-commerce’s value to reach €5BN by 2020

Florinel Chis

According to the DESI (Digital Economic and Society Index) index calculated by European Commission, the rate of economy’s digitalization, also when it comes of public services and the level of the digital competencies, is the lowest in Romania compared to all other EU countries, but with a huge growth potential.