Taco Bell’s communication in Romania, handled by Golin

Business, Marketing, Social Media

With Romanians developing a taste for Taco Bell and researches showing Romania was the ideal place for the mexican inspired brand, Sphera Franchise Group, the biggest food service group in Romania, started preparing the launch since 2016. Sphera Franchise Group is the exclusive operator in Romania for the 2 big chains in Yum! Brands portfolio: KFC and Pizza Hut. Opening Taco Bell was the next normal step.

The first part of 2017 was a planning period, during which Golin and Taco Bell shaped in detail the communication strategy for the launch on the local market. Of course, there were already voices on Facebook demanding for a Taco Bell opening in Romania, but the objective was for the general public to know the brand as good as possible until the official opening and also after. Golin is our traditional partner for the other Yum! Brands in our portfolio and that is how we knew it is the right team to transform Taco Bell into an experience that, sooner or later, one falls inlove with

Monica Eftimie,

Chief Marketing Officer, Taco Bell Romania

Taco Bell is brand with a special personality, original, dynamic and actual, that we grew found of and inspired us since the very first moment. A brand who lives fully each experience together with its fans. We built the campaign with 3 main ingredients: brand’s effervescence, the unique taste of the products and the fact that the young public is full of life and always ready to try new things

Roxana Diba,

Head of Brand Communication, Golin

Communication for the launch started in the end of August, when the new Facebook and Instagram pages Taco Bell Romania were launched and more social media activations followed soon.

The teams communicating for Taco Bell in Romania:

  • Taco Bell Romania: Monica Eftimie (Chief Marketing Officer), Andreea Boala (Brand Manager), Tina Cretu (Digital Manager), Cosmin Canteri (LSM Manager), Claudia Porojan (Senior PR & CSR Manager).
  • Golin: Roxana Diba (Head of Brand Communication), Marina Constanda (Manager), Bianca Cenusescu (Media Associate), Mihai Stanciu (Senior Digital Manager), Bianca Stoica (Digital Associate), Andreea Slujitoru (Junior Digital Associate).