Romanian g7 organized a special event on trends in shopper marketing and customer experience, ShopGrade 

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The Romanian omni-channel ad agency g7 organized an event, ShopGrade 2017, during which it presented the newest trends in shopper experience. The event, organized mid-November, aimed to support stakeholders in marcomm market by bringing in front of them the newest instruments and mechanism for shopper marketing, by presenting global trends and inspirational examples of brand engagement from other markets.

Since 2015, when we redefined agency’s vision, we had a precise purpose: to identify the ways to increase clients’ ROI, to bring in front of the consumers useful and creative brand experiences and to develop, within g7 team, projects to make us proud. ShopGrade, now at its 2nd edition, is an open forum where we gaze into the future and discuss about the directions we want to build customer experience towards, together with our customers

Corina Chiorean,

CEO g7

The speakers of the event included Radu Atanasiu, Critical Thinking Lecturer Maastrich School of Management, Anton Gherca, Chief of Innovation g7,  Andra Blaj, Marketing Manager CBRE, Adrian Stanciu, Organizational Behaviour Consultant and Dean Maastrich School of Management,  Jens Brinck, CEO Gorm Larsen Nordic, and Alexandru Badut