Romanian PR’s history, inside “The Golden Book of Romanian Public Relations”

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The last 15 years of Romanian PR history, reflected through the best examples of best practices reflected in the 15 years of Romanian PR Award’s competition history, were reunited in a book, “The Golden Book of Romanian Public Relations”, the first big collaborative effort of the local communication industry, an editorial initiative without a previous match and an attempt to gather the ranks and critically reflect over the concepts and values of a trade.

Structured in 18 areas of expertise, the book brings together and offers to the specialized and general public the local PR cases from the last 15 years adding, in the same time, an extended collection of ideas and opinions related to the actual Romanian PR practice and the future of the profession.

In putting together the volume, there were involved 52 editorialists, practitioners in communication from very different areas, which gives the volume the scope of a real practical manual and a companion in analyzing and studying the local PR practice. The volume is opened by 2 known authors,  James E. Grunig, Emeritus Professor at University of Maryland University, and Aneta Bogdan, a name of reference in Romanian and international branding.

The 95 cases selected to appear in the book received, between 2003-2016, the Golden Award for Excellence trophy at Romanian PR Award, which adds to the book a substantial documentary dimension. The presented programs are a living proof of the way the local communication industry’s preoccupations evolved and reflect, in a certain way, the fears and hopes of the Romanian society during the last 15 years.

The Golden Book of Romanian Public Relations, the project I’ve been working on very hard in the last months, was successfully launched at Carturesti Carusel, a famous bookstore in Bucharest. I’m so happy to see so many forces reunited by this unique educational collaborative effort. It’s been a long journey and planning and coordinating such a project has been an amazing and rewarding experience for me.

The volume is the biggest collaborative initiative of this kind in Romania, bringing together a wide range of opinions and professionals. It features 95 gold-awarded communications programs in 15 years of Romanian PR Award competition and brings together 52 contributors, senior communications practitioners and ardent exponents of their area of expertise, which makes the volume a true practical handbook and a companion in the analysis and study of Romanian public relations practice.

The book started from my simple conviction that I arrived at after more than 15 years of involvement in the development of the public relations profession in Romania: Public Relations cannot be practiced as a management function accepted by organizations and society, unless the practitioners have a solid body of knowledge based on study, dialogue and reflection. The volume is opened by two distinguished authors James Grunig and Aneta Bogdan.

Dana Oancea

Coordinating Editor of the book & organizer of Romanian PR Award

In the 10 years since I am part of the Romanian PR Award jury, I witnessed the remarkable progress PR had in Romania. Good practices of the finalists that received Gold, presented in this book, reflect the approach of PR from the angle of strategic management, due to which different publics are making their voice heard to the decisions table. In the same time, one must notice the increased attention given to sustainability and social responsibility, and also to some social inclusion programs dedicated to publics that are often ignored by the organizations. This book shows that PR is now a real profession in Romania

James E. Grunig,

Emeritus Professor University of Maryland

The book is an ideal acquisition and/or gift for all those interested to know the stage to which the Romanian PR industry reached and can be bought in Romania in the Carturesti book store or on Carturesti’s website.