Impossible to buy product – Mega Image tries to raise awareness on blood donations in Romania

Advertising, CSR

Mega Image continue its involvement in Romania when it comes of blood donations with a new awareness campaign, made together with the National Institute of Transfusion Hematology and the Bucharest’s Transfusions Center.

For this campaign, Mega Image introduced in 20 of its stores a new product, a product which isn’t for sale and who’s presence on the stores’ shelves aims to signal a serious problem Romania faces, namely the lack of blood donors.

Romania is one of the few countries in the world where a systematic blood donation culture doesn’t exist, with less then 1% of Romanians donating blood on regular basis, the smallest number of donors in EU, where the average is 10% .

“The impossible to buy product” campaign visualizes blood like a product brought on the supermarket’s shelves, which brings the blood donation problem in the daily lives of Romanians.

There are things that cannot be bought so simple, from the store, although they represent a daily need. “The impossible to buy product” campaign attracts attention over the serious blood crisis Romanian hospitals are facing, and this cannot have a solution unless blood donation is encouraged. We wanted to trigger in all Romanians the desire to become constant blood donors in order to support the community

Adrian Nicolaescu,

VP Marketing Mega Image Romania

We don’t know why Romanians aren’t donating, but for sure we need more donors. We appreciate Mega Image’s support because we know that, from now on, we have a partner that helps us to bring this cause in Romanians’ daily lives, but who also support us when we need

Doina Gosa,

General Manager, Bucharest’ Transfusions Center

We wanted Romanians to be aware blood isn’t available on a store’s shelf, it is not waiting for us in the hospitals in case we need it and that we need to do something to solve this problem: we need to donate. It looks like a tetra pak, because we wanted to shape it like a familiar product. And we took care of all the details: we named it after the types of blood, we wrote its composition and, of course, product’s story and the centers where donations can be done. All so that, when holding the box in their hands, Romanians would know that the only product that cannot be bought is also the most valuable one. Because it can save lives

Ioana Zamfir,

Group Creative Director McCann Bucharest