FirmDecisions North America appoints Park Thomas as Audit Director

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The world’s largest independent marketing compliance specialist, FirmDecisions, is delighted to announce today that Park Thomas has joined as Audit Director, North America. Park will be responsible for managing both U.S.-based and global advertiser clients.

Park is charged with ensuring that marketing agencies adhere to the terms of their contractual agreements. This includes – but is not limited to – checking for the validation of media benefits, AVBs, and free space. His role involves certifying full invoice reconciliation, and verifying that cash flow, remuneration, production costs, and discounts are applied per contracts and across all marketing categories. He will also ensure that agency-client relationships are transparent and always in the clients’ best interests.

A Certified Internal Auditor with 17 years of internal experience in both government and public companies, Park led agency audits for the Coca-Cola Company between 2011 and 2016. While at Coke, he managed, coordinated, and streamlined the audits of more than 200 agencies around the world. In addition to agency reviews, Park has extensive experience in financial audits, Sarbanes-Oxley, process reviews, and operational audits.

Park Thomas:

I’m really excited to have joined FirmDecisions at what I believe is an inflection point for the media industry. Media, data, and production transparency are top of the agenda for more and more of the world’s leading advertisers. I look forward to applying my client-side knowledge and expertise across a broad cross-section of businesses in the North American market.

Fiona Foy, Managing Director FirmDecisions North America:

I am delighted to have Park join us. He brings such extensive and relevant auditing experience, complementing our already strong skills base. His very recent – and truly global – client-side roles will be hugely valuable to us. He is an excellent addition to the expanding FirmDecisions team.

FirmDecisions is the largest independent global marketing compliance specialist. The company provides financial transparency in the client-agency relationship to the world’s biggest advertisers. FirmDecisions Germany GMBH is part of Ebiquity plc, but operates separately and independently from Ebiquity as a separate unit.